Rain overlay help!

Hello, everyone!

Is there anyone who can help me with a rain overlay?

Thank you for your time! :heart:

You can just use weather effects for that which are below the preview screen.
You just need to write the command

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I need the rain overlay to put behinde a window. I can do that with the weather effects?

I can’t find a overlay for that right now

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@Jeannie_epi thank you so much for your help! :hugs:

Wait, You can search on png tree I found one there.
Apparently I have already downloaded 2 images.
You can try it there

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Here u go!

Sometimes the forums makes it not png, if so, I can dm it to u on insta :white_heart:

@Jeannie_epi @anon71033048 thank you so much for your help! :heart:

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You are welcome

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