Rain overlay or snow overlay

has there someone a rain or a snow overlay it is for making a background

thanks xxx

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There’s a weather thing in the portal. You just need to add it.

I cant do that you cant use a background without people in it i tried that and if i put people in it and i resise it in my program for editing it to the right size the people are fat.

Are you just making a background?

no a cover a big and a little

Ooh, you can probably make your paintbrush small and then draw small random lines when it’s done.

I can get a rain or snow overlay do you want it pouring heavy or light

in the middle the sise 1000 x 1000 transparant thanks you are an angenl xxx



thanks but they are not png so they are not transparent these are jpeg? you have to save them as png. xxx

Can you change that for me please? xxx

I did save them as png

Send me your email if you have Google drive I’ll send it to your drive cuz it’s not showing up as a png


The same pic I send you is the same pic I tried on the portal and it works

anneke.bellen@telenet.be xxx

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Just your email

I did not get anything??? xxx

Have you send them already because i have had nothing got, and i am busy now with the covers xxx

anneke.bellen@telenet.be xxx

I’m not getting through with the email so I’ll send the link ok