Rainbow: An Episode Book Club (feedback, multiple chapter reading, etc.)

I’m not sure if this is allowed, but I hope it is. Basically, I want to start a sort of book club. A small group of people (as a test run I suppose) will come together and read each others story. I was thinking if it was like an actual book club in that one member book would be picked and everyone in the group would read their first three chapters. Then, we will each write up some feedback (what we liked about the book, discussion about characters events.). I think it could be great.

Of course, I have to consider when picking the people I want to be apart of the group. Picking people who won’t bail once they get their feedback(which will prevent you from ever joining again). So I need people who are committed, people I can build a connection with. Essentially, people that I can trust.

So here’s what’s what. I will pick four other people. Hopefully as the time goes on and it’s successful more can be added. We could go by alphabetical order when it comes to who we should review.

I’m thinking once it gets too big maybe outside people who don’t want to be apart of the group can submit their book for the rest to read and review.

I think a good amount of time to have the chapters read is on a weekly basis. It’s not too long, but it gives people a chance to read in case they tend to be busy.

If a person encounters something triggering in the story to the point they can’t go on, they can cease reading, though it would be nice for them to give feedback of what they had managed to read.

You can get 3 chances to not read someone’s chapters. But you have had to at least read 3 other authors stories.

So I’ve talked a lot so far. How do you get in?

Post some basic info for your story:

Amount of Chapters:
Art style: (LL, INK, CLASSIC)
Basic Synopsis:
Story rating: (Mature, General, PG-13 etc.)
Book Cover:

Then I’d like a bit about yourself;

What would make you a good fit for the group?
Do you have any triggers?:

PM me this info.

Ideally the person I’m looking for–can be consistent, can read books in more than one style, has more than 5 chapters available. Open to reading diverse stories.

I’m also more biased towards more mature users 16+(even though I’m not asking for your age here). I myself am almost 20 and I am not here to babysit.

Hopefully this idea doesn’t bomb lol.

And if you are confused about anything ask me!


I have one member (other than myself)

Looking for three more!

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