Rainbow Art series! No more models needed

Hello, and welcome to my current art series!
I want to do a rainbow art series meaning I need seven models for this. One for each color of the rainbow. I will take only ink characters this time.

Past work

Please Note
How I want to do this series is by taking one by one model by model and changing their clothing and makeup and maybe adding some color into their hair that way they match the color they are representing. You do not have to give me an outfit that matches your color I will change it myself.

Once all artwork is finished they will be posted on Instagram
Red: @EpisodeGirl

Orange: @Forever1201

Yellow: @Writer_SA
Green: @Skyler2
Light blue: @writerren
Dark blue: @SkyM
Purple: @sophh

How to credit you:
Character details:
Character outfit:


I’ll be red! :heart:
Skin : Tan
Face : Round
Hair : Diva Curls Chestnut
Brows : Seductive Arch
Eyes : Almond Luxe Brown
Nose : Elven
Lips : Blossom Lips Any Color

Outfit : Hot Pink Zipper Crop Top, New High Waisted Jeans, Triangle Earrings

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I’ll add you on as red!

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Thank you so much for doing this!

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Your character has no shoes. Do you want her to go without or was it something that simply got forgotten?

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Oh, shoot! Can she just have some heels? :sweat_smile:

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I’ll be purple! xoxo

Skin : tan
Face ; round
Hair ; beach wave black
Nose ; soft natural
Lips ; full round mocha
Eyebrows ; seductive arch
Eyes ; downturned bold green



Yah I’ll add them. :joy:

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I’ll be dark blue!!
Defined Natural
Straight Fawn
Upturned Feline Brown
Classic Blush

Outfit doesn’t matter to me and I don’t care for credit, but if you do just my forum name works

You need an outfit as well. Also how would you like me to credit you for your character? I can’t add you to the list until I have that information.

Thank you!

Thank you! How do you want me to credit you for your character?

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One last thing, how do you want me to credit you for your character?


Just my forum name should work

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Outfit ;

dressy crop top (dusty purple)

purple spotted high waisted pants

construction worker boots

purple bow headwrap

for credit pls do my episode username Sophia.epi

Thank you x

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Thank you!

@epi_river on Insta :wink:

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I could be light blue if it’s still needed. :slight_smile:

How to credit you: @writerren on the forums
Character details:
Body: Light

Brows: Seductive Arch

Hair: Beach Waves (Chestnut)

Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Brown)

Face: Soft Heart

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Classic Slender (Blush)

Character outfit:
Thin Clear Circular Glasses, Light Teal Beach Day Romper, White Skinny Flip Flops (or any outfit really)

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You have been added onto the list!

Hey, I would also like to be a model
Color: Yellow
Character Details
Skin: Copper 2
Brows: Arched Think and dark black
Hair: Over shoulder braid and dark black
Eyes: Round downturned wide and brown black
Face Shape: Heart soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart pouty and purple deep matte

Ripped leggings simple grey black, Quilted pattern panelling belted open jacket leather grey black, Crew t-shirt cotton black, Flat lace up sneakers canvas grey black

Credit: @episode_writersrs on Insta please

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