Welcome to Phoenix_Hope’s Rainbow Art Shop !

wait, don't you already have an art shop?

Do I technically have a another shop “open”? Yeah. The thread isn’t closed for some reason but the last post was September 2019… so yeah!
My life was a lot different back then and the whole thread seemed quite…cluttered. And I was getting stressed and too worried about making requests for people and I wasn’t really happy. So: I’m making a new shop!


  • Text Overlays
  • Covers
  • Splashes
  • Character Detail Sheets
  • Custom poses
  • Overlays/characters cutouts/clothes overlays
  • Texting Scenes
  • Edited Backgrounds
  • Background characters
  • Outfits

Below I have examples of my work!

Splashes (No characters)

Splashes (with characters)

Custom poses




image image

Edited Background

image image


Clothes Overlays

image image image

Item Overlays

image image image image image

Character Sheets

image image image

Texting Scenes

Text Overlays



Available Fonts (I can use more but these are just a few examples)
Outline and letter spacing is available for any fonts. Numbers and other symbols aren’t available in every font here, but I can always find a similar font for any symbols/numbers you’d like!

Below are the forms for everything! Be sure to copy the form exactly.


LL Character Form

Male/Female Body:
Body type (soft, generic, athletic)
Face Shape:
Nose Shape:
Outfit (include tattoos, freckles, scars, etc):
Pose (if custom, please show a reference picture or animation you want me to edit):

INK Character Form

Name :
Gender :
Skin :
Brow :
Hair/Color :
Eyes/Color :
Face :
Nose :
Lips/Color :
Outfit :
Pose (if custom, please show a reference picture or animation you want me to edit) :

CLASSIC Character Form

Name :
Gender :
Hair/Color :
Face :
Eyes/Color :
Mouth/Color :
Body :
Outfit :
Pose (if custom, please show a reference picture or animation you want me to edit) :

Text Overlay

Text Overlay
Font (examples shown above):
Some fonts have italics/bold options, would you like either?:
Outline/Special letter spacing?:
What do you want it to say?:


Story Name/placement (only if you want it on the cover) :
Author name/placement (only if you want it on the cover) :
Background :
Small or large cover :
How many characters? (Fill out a LL/INK/C form shown above) :
Font/style (fonts shown above) :
Where is each character placed? (center, facing right, rear, etc) :
Do I have a time limit/when do you NEED it done :
Extra Details :


Kind of splash (music, warning, follow me):
Font (examples shown above:
Font color/outline/spacing/placement:
Amount of characters (fill out a LL/INK/C form above):
Character placement (center, facing left, rear):
Extra Details:

Character Detail Sheet

Character Detail Sheet
Character details (fill out a LL/INK/C form above)
Would you like a combination? (fill out second LL/INK/C form if so)
Extra Details

Custom Pose Scene (edited art scene)

Art Scene
Amount of characters (fill out as many LL/INK/C forms as you need:
What is happening in the scene?:
Character placement:
Any extra props/objects/overlays in the scene:
Extra Details:

Texting scene

Texting Scene
Name/number at the top
Amount of texts (keep in mind you’ll need a new background for every text
Messages (list them out, from who)
Extras (airplane mode, battery percent, rotation lock symbol)

Edited backgrounds

Background Edit
Original background
What you want me to change/add/remove
Do you have any overlays/items you already have? If so give them to me here:
Extra Details


What do you want to use it for?
A certain background you want me to crop something from:


Male/Female/Female Plus Size
How many
Theme (everyday, club, school uniform)
Style (modest, revealing, childish)
Any specific items you want me to use/not use (ex: a dress another character is wearing in the scene)


  1. Fill out the entire form. I will correct you on the form up to two times, after that I will deny the request. Please do not put “whatever you want” if you can help it.
    If you just tell me anything for the background, outfit, animation, and font, I will be VERY tempted to do


  1. You must give credit to me if you use any of my work. If you use one of my overlays, splashes, covers, or backgrounds you must credit every chapter it is used. Under no circumstances are you to remove my watermark. I will tell you how to properly credit me when I give you a request.
  2. Please be patient. Requests are first come first serve, but if you need something by a certain date I will try to prioritize it.
  3. Use the password, :rainbow: just put it somewhere within your post, no need to blur it or set it off. Just put it in somewhere so I know you’ve read the rules!
  4. Feel free to critique my work. Critique not hate on. If there’s something you think I can do to improve on my work feel free to tell me!
  5. If you don’t fill out the form completely I will message you about it. Please respond as quickly as possible so I can resume your work. In the mean time I may work on other requests. I will tell you to fix your post up to two times. If there are still needed details missing after telling you two times, I will automatically deny your request. Be respectful and fill out my form.

No one! Feel free to request.

Keep in mind I am going to school full time as of right now, and requests will be slower :sparkling_heart:


NAME: Rowan
Male/Female Body: Female
Plus/Generic: Generic
Body type (soft, generic, athletic) Generic
Skin : Copper 03
Brow/Color : Arched Natural/Ginger Red
Hair/Color : Medium Shoulder/Curly Ginger Red
Eye/Color : Deepset Upturned Wide/Brown Dark
Face Shape : Heart Soft
Nose Shape : Round Button
Lip/Color : Small Heart/Red Matte
Outfit (include tattoos, freckles, scars, etc) :Capture1
Pose (if custom, please show a reference picture or animation you want me to edit) flirt_coy_atcamera
Background/style Maybe like a forest scene?
Font/color/outline Typewriter/Deep Blue
Extra Details N/A
I love your work, and I would really appreciate you making me this character sheet. :rainbow:

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Texting Scene
Name: Morgan
Amount of texts: 21

I’m not sure what you mean but the owner of the phone is named Heavenly and she is texting Morgan, her friend.
Extra: 75%battery power, epwifi, time: 6:46 p.m, rotation lock symbol :rainbow:


Can we request more then one thing or…?

Of course!

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Also for the messages part, like who’s saying what like
Jenna: hey
Kylie: what’s up?
Jenna: not much, hbu?
Kylie : nothing
Like that for all the messages
(Also, if you want 21 messages, that would be 21 backgrounds just warning you :sweat_smile:)

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Splash: :rainbow:
Kind of splash: Chapter background
Background/style: Lightning and magic
Chapter one
Font: I’m not sure which one you used in your example, but those ones. If you know what I mean.
Font colour: Light Purple
Amount of character: N/A
Character placement: N/A

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Actually never mind, I change my mind on the texting scene. First, I’m going to learn how to code them before starting. Sorry for wasting for time!

That’s fine!

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Hey not a request but I LOVE your shop soo much!!!

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Aw thank you!

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Here you go!

Please tell me if there is anything you’d like to change :rainbow:

I love it! Thank you so much!

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Here! Please tell me if you’d like me to change something!

If you do end up using this, please just credit me with
“Chapter Splash made by @phoenix_hope.episode

Thank you so much. I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re welcome!

New examples added :rainbow:

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Just to note any covers with Author instead of an actual name are just examples, no one is actually using them.

I would like a police case file overlay with a sheet that says my character’s gender,age e.t.c. I would also like a polaroid/mugshot of my character separate from the case file because I’m going to make it a tappable overlay. If anyone is able to do it, let me know so I can send the character details and what I want in the case file. Thankssss!! I will make sure to give creds! :relaxed:

So on the file case sheet, I would like it to say (everything in bold):
NAME: Mateo Gonzales
KNOWN ALLIES: Kennedy Ovard, Jerome Tyson, Adna Dais, Miguel Tennant, Stella Adams
BIRTHDAY: 21/06/1998
AGE: 22
SEX: Male (M)
HAIR: Black
EYE: Black

Mateo Gonzales, also known as the leader of the most powerful and feared gang in the USA, Audaz Youth, is the most wanted criminal in America. He has caught and put into prison once before when he was 18 for arson, however he escaped by setting the prison on fire, causing him to escape. He has since then formed a gang and is on the run with the other gang members.

Character details for the small mugshot in the corner of the file sheet(all in italics):
BROW: Thin Arch
HAIR: Boy Bun (black)
EYES: Gentle Almond (hickory)
FACE: Defined Triangle
NOSE: Button
LIPS: Uneven (terracotta)

Thank you so much! Take as long as you need and let me know if you need any other details :relaxed: :revolving_hearts:

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Great! I’m pretty sure that’s all I need except for one thing.
In the mugshot photo, would you like me to use a height background? If so how tall would you like him to be?
(Like this, but I’d make the background)

Also what animation would you like him to be doing?

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