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@IMAGINARY_THOUGHTS Love your dancing in the lights and The black she wolf examples


Thanks, I really appreciate it. Hope you request soon. Bump!!


Hey i love your shop idea, Can i join this shop?







There’s a link in the post if you want to join.



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Hi @IMAGINARY_THOUGHTS Could request for a cover please :pleading_face:
Password: Rainbow
Who you want to do it: I would love @IMAGINARY_THOUGHTS to do it, please
Size (Small/Large): Both Please if possible
Number of Characters: 4
This are my characters including their outfits
This is Sarah

Her Outfits
Body: female generic

Brow: arched natural

Hair: medium shoulder curly bun hair - red

Eyes: female generic eye - brown darl

Face: Diamond long

Nose: Grecian soft

Lips: full round pouty - pink got matte

Clothings: Sweater vest striped collared tie shirt cotton blue turquoise

Plaid princess seam skirt cotton grey blue

Shoe: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boot Suede Grey, Black

Earring: Gold glitter cross earrings plastic gold

Friendship thread bracelet cotton rainbow

This is William

His details and outfits
Body: male athletic body - copper 02

Brow: arched soft - light brown

Hair: slicked back side shaved tousled - chestnut brown

Eye: male generic - brown dark

Face: chiseled square stubble shaved

Nose: straight flat

Lips: medium heart - beige rose -


Sweater Vest Striped Collared Tie Shirt Cotton Blue Turquoise

Pressed slack pants cotton cool white

Contractor boots leather grey black

Tattoo; tribal sleeve tattoo

scar - forehead X (04-07)

This is Emily

Her details and outfits
Body: female soft body - copper 01

Brow: arched natural - medium warm brown

Hair: long straight loose solid - platinum blonde

Eyes - deep-set false lashes smokey eye - blue aqua

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined natural

Lips: heart-shaped pout - red deep matte

Clothing :

Emblem Sweater Vest Tie Collar Wool Red Auburn

Plaid Princess Seam Skirt Cotton Red Auburn

Shoe: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boot Suede Grey, Black

Nose stud silver

Compas Rose Leg Tattoo Ink Multi-Color

This is Peter

his details and outfits
Body: male athletic body - Gold 06

Brow : straight medium scar - deep brown

Hair: short curly fade - deep brown

Eyes : hooded almond narrow - hazel

Face : square sculpted cleft chin

Nose: straight pointed

Lips: medium heart - rose light nude matte


Vest Tie Casual Rolled Wool Brown Beige

Slacks Casual Fitted Wool Neutral White

Shoe: High Top Classic Leather Black

Tattoo: Bird Collar Tattoo Solid&Dragon Sleeve Earring: Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Black

Poses(Animation or Custom): Custom

Oh btw instead of them walking can they do a cute pose, surprise me🤪(But the Emily girl has to make a bitchy face).
The character Sarah the red hair girl should be in the front like the boy, the rest can be placed where
Background (upload if you have a background ready): Yes, I don’t know if you’ll be able to work with this tho).

Story Name: Emulous Between Schools
Author Name: Prudence Nwadike
Specific Date: The 18th if that’s an inconvenience for you then the 21st should do.
Anything Else: Yes, the story is a rivalry between two schools so one school should have like thunder or lighting and the other should just be like a sparkling rainbow kind of vibe, also I want a Parisienne font or any font bold and fancy ith any suitable color I don’t mind.
Please make sure not to forget that they aren’t walking okay, maybe the red hair girl in front could do something like this:

The boys can just do what, they could just stand and fold their arms or something.

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Screenshot (931)
I’ll get started right away


Hi can I please make a request too? :blush:

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What is sarah’s skin color? And her eyebrow color?

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Thank you :dancer:t2: :revolving_hearts:

Neutral 04

Dark brown

look at you getting requests :kissing_smiling_eyes: :purple_heart:

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Yea, so happy


This is Jace

This is his outfit
Body: Male Athletic Body
Hair: Medium Messy Fluffy Parted
Hair color- Chestnut brown
Eyebrow shape-Arched Medium
Eyebrow color- Chestnut brown
Eyes- Deepset Heavy Lid
Eye color- Blue deep
Skin color- Rose 04
Face Shape- Chiseled Angular
Nose shape- Aquiline Medium
Lips- Medium Heart
Lip color- Rose Light Nude Matte

This is Hazel

This is her outfit
Body: Female Athletic Body
Hair: Double Bun Half Down Hair
Hair color- Black dark
Eyebrow shape-Round Medium
Eyebrow color- Black Dark
Eyes- Deepset Upturned Wide
Eye color- Grey cool
Skin color-Neutral 03
Face Shape- Diamond Defined Contour
Nose shape- Pointed Downturned
Lips- Full Round Pouty
Lip color- Red Deep Matte


TITLE: Bad Meets Worse
AUTHOR’S NAME: Dustdevil65

Password: Rainbow
Large cover please
Number of Characters : two (2)

Thank you so much I’m advance💓

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Screenshot (931)
I’ll get started as soon as I can sweetheart.


I can’t wait​:partying_face::partying_face:
Thank you​:heartbeat::dancer:t5:

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Your welcome. Do you have a specific date? So I can work on them at the same time. I can multitask.