Raising awareness for BLM in my story

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about ways that I could help raise awareness about the current situation (apart from making reposts and spreading information) and I realised the community of readers on Episode is quite big and this could be a great opportunity. I am currently writing a story that is already quite diverse, which I will publish soon and I would like to add a few scenes that could possibly attract attention to the inequality and violence (amongst other factors). However, I am not a POC, so I would like to ask if anyone in the community would like to help me create an accurate and impactful scenario that I could implement in my story? Or maybe someone has any ideas or suggestions?

Stay safe everyone and thanks in advance for the help! :blob_hearts:


what’s your story about?x

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Well, the main idea of the plot is that it’s set in 2035, everything is mostly the same except for a fact that a big tech company has developed a technology that can manipulate and eventually erase memories. This technology is stolen by a criminal, who’s using it to manipulate the government and key players. The story will play around 2 MC’s. One of them erases his family from his memories for unknown reasons and moves to America, the other one is attacked along with her family by that infamous criminal. However, her and her brother are saved by a secret group fighting the “memory thief”. Eventually the 2 MC’s become members of this group and fight the main villain.

I tried to be brief when explaining this haha. The moral of the entire story is going to revolve around the fact that erasing memories is complicated and we cannot forget our heritage, because it makes us who we are now.

It sounds amazing actually! I don’t think I could be the greatest help because i’m not fully black nor have i directly faces racism but my mums dad disowned her because my dad is black so i’m not sure if that’s something useful you could include. He is german and was a nazi spy in the war so that is probably why he was racist :thinking:

Oh wow that sounds horrible :sleepy: It’s unbelievable how cruel and insensitive people can be… The more I hear, the more shocked I am. Thank you for sharing the story with me!

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