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That’s okay :grin:

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I think I’m your first one? I’ve been scrolling through since yesterday. Searching for an artist. Finally I found you! :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And I’m glad I did…

Aww thanks babes :two_hearts:

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Heyo, can I ask for an overlay?
I need the pool table cut out of background INT. MANSION ENTERTAINMENT ROOM - DAY and a pool stick, please.

Password: SteamyRamen



Will be finished in like 1 to 2 days

Sky’s overlays

Credit me for the background @angelxzriahli bc I don’t have insta
The stick was found on pixabay and edited from there :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


@mich_episode I’m done :slight_smile:

I have two versions, one where you can upload the background and do transitions with overlays and the other just regular




Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: I will try out with the overlays. If not then the regular… I will credit you…

Okay thanks for requesting :upside_down_face:

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Can u draw me a small art cover?

Yea, I already have your deets so I’ll start now :grin: it should be done in a week since it’s drawn

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Okay thank you luv :purple_heart:

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No problem babes :smile:

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Is your characters facing forwards or to the back

@Jessica.G, I don’t have your lip color or your face shape, can you send the exact details?

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Face shape: soft heart
Lip color: plum
Love interest:
Lip color: taupe
Face shape:Defined triangle.

Do u need anymore information?

Tyyy! :heart:

@SkyM ur welcome​:yellow_heart::yellow_heart:
@mich_episode I’ll tell u if I do :grin:

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@Jessica.G , is this pose good? I’ll start drawing after u reply :grin:

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