Random Art rate

:hibiscus:Rate this art for me? :hibiscus:
Or explain a few tips to improve🌺

I tried to do this weird chibi but not really type of character. :hibiscus:

Already did poll


I’m not an artist and the only human-like drawing I can do is a stickman
lmao but I think that her eyebrows are a little too big and her nose… looks… odd… But other than that :heart_eyes:


Looks good​:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

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Lol thanks, I messed up the poll editing this. Unless you did this just to make sure lol.

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:hibiscus: Thanks, I have a defeatist attitude towards it though. :hibiscus:

That’s awesome!! What’s your ig?? :purple_heart:

@Nick or @Sydney_H
Can someone delete? Delete!!!

Closed: Requested by op @GoldenWaves :v: