Random chit chat!

Hiya! I’ve been part of the episode community for a long time, but I sorta left a couple of months ago… Anyway, I’m back now, but so many things/people have changed! So, I’d love to get to know you all again and just chat! I’ll start it off with a couple of questions.

What are some good song/band suggestions?
What’s your favorite animated movie?
Any Netflix show recommendations?
What’s your favorite kid show?


Hi, my REAL name is Belloria Rose, and um, I answered your questions! :slight_smile:

  1. I really don’t know.
  2. I have LOTS.
  3. RIVERDALE. Period.
  4. Favorite kid show? I really don’t know. :joy: (again)


-B.ROSE :rose:

I think I’m the 1% of the population that has literally never watched Riverdale, but I’ll have to give it a go. :pp


Cage the elephant
The lion king
Criminal minds

Sooo if u don’t know me, I’m weird but cool

I’ve heard a lot about Cage the Elephant from some of my friends, so I’ll definitely have to check them out. What kind of music do they play??

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like rock alternative. idk its like their own sound. theyre great. Listen to

Ain’t no Rest For The Wicked

Welcome back!

  1. Tally Hall is one that I think it pretty good. Steam Powered Giraffe is amazing.
  2. I’m unsure. Does Ready Player One count?
  3. I suggest The Twilight Zone.
  4. It may seem lame, but the Power Puff Girls. The original, not the newer one.

I used to love the Power Puff Girls!! And I don’t think there’s any such thing as lame.
What kind of music do those bands play? I’ve never heard of them before.

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Tally Hall sort of has sort of a strange style? It reminds me of alternative and the Beatles at the same time. SPG, however, kinda jumps around with what kind of music that they make.

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Hi there! You can call me as AS (so anonymous) 'cause its like moi nickname and -

  • Imagine Dragons and Coldplay, they both rock.
  • Fave animated movie has to be Mulan!
  • I can recommend ya 13 Reasons Why…and Riverdale.
  • Moi fave kid show was Oswald…
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My favourite band’s OneRepublic cos their songs are never about big booty lol
My favourite animated film should be Big Hero 6
I seldom watch netflix so can’t give you any suggestion
And my favourite kid show is Phineas and Ferb lol
I grew up with disney and still love disney

my favourite band is all time low
favourite movie is beauty and the beast
I’m probably the only person that has no clue what Riverdale is :joy: and I don’t have Netflix I’m so basic haha

I’m listening to them rn, and I like them. I’m into alternative/indie music. And The Beatles are one of my favorite bands, so it works out perfectly! Thanks!

P.S. If you don’t listen to him already, I would suggest Beck. His stuff is “quirky” just like this band’s stuff.

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Ooh cool nickname!
Omg Mulan is my favorite disney movie ever!!

The End of the F-ing World is really good, but it’s mature. Queer Eye is another pretty good show, but it’s reality TV.
I still watch Phineas and Ferb…no shame, lol!

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I used to love All Time Low!!

I’ll check it out when I have time :slight_smile:
Yeah, no shame. Even though I’m 25 and still watch it lol
I basically watch all the disney stuff.
Mulan used to be my No.1 animated film but after they released Big hero 6, Mulan became No.2.
The sequel of Mulan, however wasn’t so good imo.

I love beck even though loser is the only song I know haha my other favourite bands is the Maine neckdeep falling in reverse sleeping with sirens and Hollywood undead :slight_smile:

I loved all the oold disneys like the pros family or Kim possible the American Dragon Jake long was good to


BTS :heart_eyes:
Coco, it made me cry way too much.
Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, or Alexa and Katie. . :heart_eyes:
I used to love Shake it Up.