Random Discussion - What kind of music you into?

Would love to know what the community like to listen to as I believe that music and writing go hand in hand. You either get inspired to write by music or you write songs inspired by stories.


Well I’m a hardcore Soca fan but I also like dancehall, afro beat, reggaeton. anything African or Caribbean or latin American really. But there are so many different genres in those places, I could never list them all.

I’m not much of a fan of rap music but sometimes I listen to it when I wanna hype myself up, I’ve also started listening to old school soul music. :upside_down_face

Currently listening to this right now and I’d say it’s really sparking some inspiration

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Mainly: little mix, Melanie Martinez, and mxmtoon, I have a playlist full of my faves

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Anything by Lana Del Rey is my absolute favorite atm, especially her Ultraviolence and Norman F Rockwell albums. I also really like Nirvana, some pop, and 80’s music (just to name a few)!


usually i listen to edit audios on soundcloud. if anyone wants my playlist just tell me.


I like a lot of rap hip-hop and r&b. Mainly I listen to people like Tyler the creator, Kanye west, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and asap Rocky. Recently I started to get into older pop music from the early 2000s and some songs for the 80s.

uh… not to be that one kpop fan, but uhh.

Hi. :no_mouth:

(Favorite groups: Seventeen, NCT, Oneus, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, Astro, Oh My Girl, etc.)


I like listening to a bunch of stuff but I mainly listen to kpop (loona, red velvet, mamamoo), math rock, lofi hip hop, and jazz.

Some artists I also like to listen edm stuff by Flume and Iglooghost. Flying Lotus, Nujabes, Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody and J Dilla are also artists I listen to a lot as well. Sometimes I like to listen to Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Megan Thee Stallion.

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I like kpop, Neonpunch, Red Velvet(We love you Wendy), Momoland, snsd, Saturday, Pink Fantasy, Iz*one, Twice, BP I don’t really listen boy groups anymore, I used to though. Spanish music: I like Pablo Alboran(he’s so darn talented and handsome), Luis Miguel, David Bisbal, Romeo Santos(his voice is lovely and his songs are catchy), Pitbull, Plan B and earlier 2000’s Pop <3.

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I like Afro beats, rap and hip hop.

Indie all the way!

Classic Rock/Metal/Hardcore/Punk/Rap/Hip-Hop/Jazz/Blues/Classical/ Some Pop…but I’m more picky when it comes to pop music. Mostly bands that are great at mixing genres in their tunes :smiley:

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Found a bunch of my threads on the forums regarding this :joy: :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :fist_bump:

my favorite singer is natewantstobattle

Sorry guys, been hiding in the work cave! So nice to see your music tastes :heart_eyes:

Hmm interesting. But this is mainly aimed at how your music tastes inspires your writing

You’re so like me Nick!!

Metallica, Bullet for My Valentine, Greenday…rockers heaven :heart_eyes:

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That’s what I like to listen to when I’m writing :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice!! So awesome!!