Random Giveaway #2

I never truly completed the 1st one bc I forgot :sweat_smile: I’m better at Ink than Limelight and males are kinda hard for me.

My Examples

Don’t steal my art. Please and thank you!


  • This is not a request thread and I’m not obligated to do yours. I might not be able to for personal reasons.

  • Don’t spam, troll, or self promote here.

  • Deadline is May 8th (I’ll close this and pick someone later that day) and password is Free Art


  1. What style it’s in.
  2. When you need it.
  3. Character details, poses, and outfits.
  4. Any photos. You must provide me with a background!
  5. The password.

This’ll basically work like you request but whoever has the most interesting or one that inspires me gets an edit, pfp, or whatever you requested from me. Only 2 people will be picked.