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So today’s I spent an hour making a nostalgia playlist (2010-2014 stuff) and I got reaaallly nostalgic lol. What are some things (not necessarily songs) that are super nostalgic to you? Feel free to share stories too. For me, one would be the spongebob crabby patty candy, my dad would buy huge bags of them and give them to me and my brother as treats. Just reminds me of my childhood.


I have many things, TV shows, songs, etc. One of them is the song The World of Jetix :smile:



For anyone between like…idk 13-15
Bob The Builder, Backyardagins, Dora, Deigo,
Uptown Funk, Barbie Girl, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Beiber


Stole the show by kygo {I think} :sweat_smile:


my friends and I used to make fun of justin beiber in elementary school lol

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Wasting my Young Years
Pompei (Bastille)

Music was so good from 2009 to 2014
Also i had the best childhood and now things are getting worse nostalgia hit me so hard :sneezing_face:

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Old TV shows and movies, especially Disney!

Coming soon
On DVD and Blu-Ray


Little Mix- Wings :headphones:
Any songs from 2015 :musical_note:
Back when Minecraft was the thing
Lazy Town :sweat:
In the Night Garden :hushed:
The old Minecraft UI :pensive:
Basically anything from 2010-2015 :joy:


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DUDE SAME why didn’t i enjoy the good ol days

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Not really any songs I can think of, but this popped into my head. Going to blockbusters when I was a kid and choosing a video to rent for the weekend. The one we went to never had Finding Nemo or The Incredibles, so I never saw them :joy:


RIP blockbuster

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Whopper’s Robin’s Eggs

And those nasty weird sugar eggs

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