Random portal question!

I’ve had this issue for a while now and whenever I look it up, nothing comes up. Does anyone else have the issue where, in the portal, the cursor just disappears and I can’t see where it is? SIDE NOTE: It only disappears while hovering over the coding area. I’ve tried to upload an image but unfortunately, it won’t let me.

Let me know if you’ve had the same problem, and if you potentially know how to fix it! :blob_hearts:

Hey, so when you hover in the Code Box area of the portal, your mouse cursor becomes a text-entry icon like the one I highlighted pink in this image –

If you click a line of code inside the box, the code will highlght darker than the other lines and you’ll find your cursor because the text line blinks. :slight_smile: My computer had a setting where if I press and hold Ctrl, it locates my cursor and flashes a circle around it for a moment to draw my eye to it. Maybe your keyboard settings will have something similar.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t! Thank you so much for the help though.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t be more help but at least now you know the symbol so your eye might catch it next time. It is a little annoying but the ‘click any line’ method works for finding where your mouse tip is :slight_smile:

Edit: check your mouse setting–

How To:

most computer mouse have a setting in your computer’s “Control Panel”-- If you have windows, Open Control Panel, Search mouse in the top right search bar and it will pull up with screen:

Double click “Mouse” and this pop up shows (I’ve circled the spots to click. :slight_smile:

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Hey, just letting you know I edited that post with a ‘how to’ for the setting. Most computers have some sort of setting like this. I have windows so I gave a how-to for it but would assume that a mac would have similar settings.

Thank you so much! I am also on a windows pc, but this is extremely helpful! :blob_hearts:

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Good luck :slight_smile: If it’s a windows, your mouse should have a similar setting for ‘locating’ it.

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