Random Question: What's the Longest Time You were Coding?

For example, I once I spent more than 9 hours writing and coding. I was just in the zone I totally forgot about time. Watched Netflix the rest of the night… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm longest time coding in one go? I’m not too sure. I do most of my writing at work (shhh), but I get interrupted with phone calls a lot, so I’m not sure that would count. And there’s actually been maybe two weekends where I stayed in bed coding the entire time except for toilet and food and fourm breaks hahaha


I think like 15 hours? I did that and then I couldn’t preview it :expressionless:


2 hours on weekdays and the longest is 9 hours on weekends :confused:

Probably an hour…?

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19 hours. And yes I am serious. I had a deadline for the contest and I had to code 2 episodes, I did code them in time but I couldn’t submit the entry since one of the major overlays was rejected, other one was approved a week later.

You can code pretty fast and actually finish an entire episode if you write down the whole story plotline and each scene!


I’ve spent severeal hours editing multiple episodes… more than once.

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8 hours in a single sitting. I was between a closing shift and an opening shift at my old job and knew I wouldn’t have time to shower, get a good night’s sleep (it takes me an hour to fall asleep), and eat breakfast, so I just stayed up all night directing and eating junk food. This actually happened several times within a short timespan and explains why my second Episode story was so weird.


Wow… that’s some dedication! I usually get sick of writing after a while or distracted, but props to you!

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Thank you!

My advice is that you write out your chapters fully, every single scene, every single dialogue and animation. Then you can direct as much as you want without getting distracted!

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I spent a whole day dedicated to episode coding…ugh, never again :scream:

I mean I could spend a whole day writing but not coding :roll_eyes:

I’d need to take breaks and do other stuff that I’ll leave mentioning XD


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