Random question: What's up with the hair? Limelight



Alright, so everyone uses the wavy quiff hair (pompadour limelight) and slicked-back solid in limelight. What’s up with the hair? I think it makes the face look fat, and I only use it for adults in my story. I think this was said before, but why are all male love interests with this hair type? it’s annoying. 9And I’m sorry if I come across as annoying as well)
Sorry if the title isn’t what you thought it was.


i dont have love interests with that hair.


What does that hair look like?


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I would like to use more hair, but damn, males only have like 9 options, whereas girls have like 16 or 17. . .


I like the slicked back but the wavy quiff looks like a sleazy politicians hair


I hate LL men hair. Some of them just looks ugly (Afros/Twists and that one hairstyle that looks like helmet hair).


I like to use the dreadlocks, wavy messy, manbun and afro hairstyles (they seem more real and diverse than the ones you mentioned) :thinking:


I like the Generic hair.


I used the curly one one of the curly ones) for my main character. I just find that it looks the best.