Random questions that are so random they can't have their own thread XD


Hello!! I have some questions that I wanted to ask but I couldn’t find any threads with these questions. Feel free to post some questions you want to ask but don’t want to make a thread for!

My Questions:

  • I have seen people on instagram doing recreations of vines but with episode characters, are the vines copyrighted? I was thinking about doing it too but I don’t want to be copyright struck
  • Are PNGs copyrighted?
  • More questions to come!


I really want to know the second one!


For the second question::
I assume it’s because people enjoy the fresher new look of Limelight and some are just tired of the comic/cartoony look.

I only like INK because of the animations and wide range of clothing, i understand that LL is kinda new so they don’t have much variaties but cmon it’s been almost a year now


Yeah I totally agree with you that the new version is quite cool! I was just asking because I have seen many petitions on the forums


Petitions? really? for what?


To keep Ink going


Not sure if petition was the correct wording? Im not sure :joy:


Meh i doubt that it would go anywhere. I think if Episode were to add more features (like weight, more face structures, makeup, more clothing, piercings, DEFINITELY ANIMATIONS, etc.) i think it would get more people to like and enjoy LL


Yes!! I just wasn’t sure thats why I asked :grin:


I would like LL a lot more then! I did see the other day were they added more clothing!


Oh yeah they did! But they should still add more animations and face features tbh


Yes they should! Maybe they will soon! At least I hope they do!


I’ve seen those vines EVERYWHERE, I wanted to do one of those vines, but I wasn’t bothered.
It’s easier to code on a computer.

  • I’ve never really thought about the copyrights to be honest. But I probably wouldn’t do it, just to be sure.

  • I find it much easier to code on computer. I tried phone at first, but it’s way too limited. Once you understand the basic directing, computer is pretty easy.


For me its easier to code on the portal. It makes stories look more neater and just better since you cant do a lot on mobile and theres only a few animations and backgrounds.


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I code on phone since my laptop is always dead. Phone is really annoying, but the times I coded on laptop was way easier

  1. Online it says yes they are copyrighted.

  2. Computer for me, it’s more cozy . . . like I am a fast type not a fast texter xD



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