Random rant: argument with dad

Okay I feel really stupid for telling my dad about this one idiot who got offended over a tank top that said “Fat is sweat crying” and he said that I shouldn’t wear it if it’s offensive. Don’t you think he’s trying to say that I am letting this person win by not wearing that top to the gym at all? I felt that he was trying to raise me as a weak person just because I would rather stick to my guns than give into people’s opinions. It does not help that he hid the fact that I’m autistic because he’s too embarrassed to let his friends know that I’m autistic.

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I think you should wear whatever you want! You shouldn’t wear things to make others happy, wear things because it makes YOU happy. Clothes are often a way to show others our personality and so you should be able to wear whatever you want without being ashamed because your clothes represent you! It is stronger to go against others to stay by your choices and opinions than to blend in with the crowd! If you want to wear a tank top, who cares if others don’t like it, if they don’t like it, maybe they should look somewhere else! You never asked for their attention and bad attitude and they are probably just jealous anyway because truly secure people don’t feel the need to insult others! (And I am sorry if anyone takes offence to that but you should never insult people!) I am sorry you argued with your dad I hope you can sort it out!!! :slight_smile:


Exactly. I’m an adult, not a child! It’s not like I’m wearing a top with a fully naked guy on my top. I really do regret telling my dad anything because I’ve noticed that he can get so dismissive over anything.
Honestly, some women at the gym are so catty! Like they get mad when women my age wear a sports bra with booty shorts and I’m like it’s worse when a 6 year old wears stripper clothes. Double standards, I tell ya!
My dad needs to keep his nose out of women’s fashion. Why should I stop wearing something I like just to please others? My body, my choice.

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Exactly! You go girl! :grin:

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Honestly, my dad thinks I should be a pushover when it doesn’t even work like that. If I stopped wearing what I want over someone’s opinion, that means that I’m letting them win.

Perhaps your Dad is trying to shelter you from hate? Maybe he wants to protect you as he is your Dad and so it is kind of his job? Personally, I would either leave it be or if he says anything again just say that you don’t care what others think and just explain how you feel about not wanting to let them win. :slight_smile:

It’s not that. He thinks that I should stop wearing things that may be offensive to people because it’s just a gym gear. When I tell him that I don’t care, he just gets so dismissive and tells me that I should conform to people’s opinions. Basically, he lost the argument when I shut him down saying that I shouldn’t apologise for that.

That’s wrong. You should never just go along with people’s opinions and clothing can’t really be offensive as such and anyone who is offended by clothing to be quite honest in my opinion is just looking for something to try and cause a scene over. (no offence meant)
Did the person say anything about your clothing being offensive or was it just a mean comment about how it looked bad?

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I know right. Like I don’t get what was so offensive about “sweat is fat crying”. The idiot caused such a scene at the gym for that all over a tank top that is supposed to be gym related. She was telling me that I was promoting some eating disorder.

I can understand, in some sense, why is may be offensive. People may see it as a dig at them. However, I don’t see how that can relate to an eating disorder… :thinking: Sometimes people will reach for anything to make an argument.

It was so childish of her to cause such a scene. It wasn’t even directed at her and she was like telling me to kill myself. That’s so far fetched.

Oh my, that’s horrible. Well, I hope you take it on the chin and not worry about what they think/say.

On the other hand, do you understand why some people may consider it offensive?

Tank tops are more or less designed for gyms and hot weather. You aren’t promoting an eating disorder unless you are going about telling people about how great it is to have it. Moreover, telling someone they are promoting an eating disorder is more offensive than anything you could ever wear because by saying that, effectively they are saying you look as though you have an eating disorder and that is wrong. Also ‘sweat is fat crying’ well yes it is and isn’t that the exact reason most people go to the gym, to get into shape? Lots of fatter people go to the gym, at least they are making the effort to get into shape! Doing them down won’t motivate them to continue doing so! And finally, if you don’t sweat when you go to the gym, why are you going? The whole point is to sweat or you haven’t done enough and it was pointless going!

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It wasn’t even to do with fatshaming. There are some people who are bigger who didn’t get offended over that as they thought it was funny but that girl had to get so aggressive thinking she knows everything about eating disorders. It wasn’t even that offensive. It would have been worse if I wore something that said “Get off the couch, fatty!” which I wouldn’t dare to wear that.

Of course, and I’m not saying that. But I’m just wondering if you get why someone may get offended over it?

I don’t! There is literally nothing to be offended about! At least you’re wearing clothes lol! :rofl:

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Exactly. Not a single bigger person at the gym I went to got offended. They thought it was funny because it is true about sweating.

The girl was a hypocrite telling me that I shouldn’t wear tank tops when she was wearing one herself. Tank tops in general are very comfortable, I don’t get why people are so hateful towards us women wearing it, whether you’re working out or just want to wear it because the weather is hot.

It was nowhere near promoting an eating disorder. If I was, I would have been saying shit like “Anorexia is a good thing” or preaching about why women should be anorexic. Trust me, there was a woman who used to go to the gym who told me to get my clit cut off just because I am anti-eating disorder. Good thing she got kicked out for it.

Why should I apologise for wearing something that isn’t offensive. No one but that idiot found it offensive. She was just one of these women who wants to cause a fight just because I’m a young looking woman at the gym.

People are actually pathetic sometimes! I would have asked the girl if she had looked at what she was putting on when she got dressed and if not maybe she ought to have looked in a mirror because she was wearing the same thing! She clearly has some personal issues and just needs to get over herself because news flash nobody cares about her stupid opinions on what others are wearing! I hate people like that!!

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I know right. She was so catty! I can’t believe women like her act like bratty teenagers over clothing. If it was offensive, wouldn’t it be “run like a fool on the treadmill, fatty” or “say yes to anorexia”