Random shoutouts

Hey ya’ll! My name is Dasha, and I’m giving two people shoutouts today!
Time to congratulate:
Congrats you two! You guys solved more than two of my riddles in one of my posts.
Like if you support those two accounts!!!

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Okay so Random Shoutout

@MoonW13 left me a fanmail and it gave me a heart attack. fanmailphobic It was really sweet x-x and I knew you are on the forms so like ~ ~ ~ ~ yay shoutout

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Oh thank you! :see_no_evil: I just had to let you know how amazing it was! You did such a great job and I absolutely love it! :heart:

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It’s very kind of you to give shoutouts.

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Here’s another one!

@Lady-Mehek is the MEANEST - jk She’s amazing :slight_smile: always leaves me fan mails that are super kind and full of heart…

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random shout out



Thanks! :blush:

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Nice post!

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shoutout to

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