Random Story Ideas (weird edition) 🤪

I was just writing down story ideas because I was bored :joy: and came up with these! Please let me know what you think! I know they’re shiiiit but I was just foolin’ around tbh.

Please do not steal! If one of the story ideas catch your attention, please let me know.

And if any stories sound like other stories it was coincidental!!!

Pass The Popcorn

:popcorn: Available :popcorn:

You work behind the counter at a movie theatre. Always remembering the delicious smell of popcorn as you enter and leave the theatre. But when a person continuously buys a ticket to a certain movie, you immediately spark interest

Heaven meets Earth

:earth_africa: Available :earth_africa:

When your best friends dead brother suddenly shows up at school as if he never died. People who died suddenly start showing up all over earth. But as more and more people start showing up from the grave. Things start getting suspicious. It was as if everyone who died, had fallen from heaven.

Painted Walls


You’re a quiet artist who lives by herself in the countryside. But when you get a letter, requesting you to come to London. You are offered the opportunity of a lifetime. To be an art teacher at Fallen Dale Academy of the Arts. But when your classes paintings and drawings suddenly start coming to life, you wonder if the school is at all as it seems…

Wood Binned


Every year, 4 people are torn from their beds in the night and are never to be seen again. But you are confident you won’t be chosen. But when you and 3 others wake up and chained to a tree, you come face to face by the beast of Darkcloud forest.

(Totallyyyy not cliche :nerd_face::fist_bump: )

The Last Male


All your life, your mother made you swore that you would never leave home and never go near the village of Cadgewater hills. The war between males and females left you, the only male left on earth. But when you betray your promise and visit the village after your eye catches a beautiful girl. You soon discover that the villiage is not as it seems.


bump-idie-doo :fist_bump::bomb:

Wow! These ideas are really good! Personally, Painted Walls and Wood Binned hooked me the most. :scream:

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