Random stuff comment them here. I'm bored


I’m bored, I made this post. Just comment random stuff here… :expressionless: :mermaid:t4::merman:t4:


I ate 9 burritos at science camp to impress my crush


The things we do for love!
Ok, random comment = Chocolate is the best food in the world and if I could eat it everyday, I would. Also, to anybody reading this, have a lovely day!
And here’s a tiny emoji spam:


I watched the movie Frankenweenie when I was younger and I though I could bring my hamster back to life so me and my friend dug up my hamster in the pouring rain hooked it up to jumoer cables and a car battery and tried jumping it (yes i knew how to jumo a car got a car type of family lol) its little bone broke and my mom got home yelled at me and now the hamster is somewhere at the dump (i was a weird stupid child)


One time I died but I got better.


Sometimes if I need a laugh, I go on Youtube and pull up “seagull noises”. Gets me every time lmao


I once watched a video on YouTube which was supposed to be comedic while eating dinner. I rarely laugh at videos but turned out the video was actually hilarious lol, and I was laughing all the time. I choked on my food more than, like, 5 times throughout the video and one time I was drinking water while watching, laughed so hard it came out of my nose. When the video was over I was red and crying after all the coughing and laughing lmao.



Oh my god it looks my old duck harold :joy: don’t judge his name I’m getting a new one in a few years lmao


anyone from Lebanon?


I am 8 days late to this thread :joy:


does any one want to be feautured in my story for fun u know
i guess
im boreed


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Can u show me what u want to look like


What style is the story? I have an awesome looking classic character, i pride her. God made her.




Im going to school know lol