Random Thoughts! Everyone has them. So why not share them?



Alright, this game is simple. This challenges you to think about something maybe in a different way. Just keep it going!

Example: Person 1 Thoughts are just conversation we have in our head with ourselves.
Example: Person 2 Yea. TPBM Neon pink is a nice color.
Example: Person 3 Ehh.TPBM Dogs are better than cats.

Ok, let’s start.

Bookbags are just huge pockets we put on our backs.

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I agree…
If time travel was real (not saying it isn’t) and you could only go to the past or the future it’s dumb to go to the future because time is always going forward.


Birthday cards are stupid because you can just make an easy edit of one and text it to the person. That way, they’d get it faster and you wouldn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of it getting in late.


Outside is everywhere but inside is only in some places.


Well, what if the text doesn’t go through…
Snakes are like lizards without limbs


true (Then you’re screwed lol)

Phones are just tiny computers


TVs are just tiny movie theater screens


Doors are just closeable walls.


Sinks are just tiny bath tubs


Diaries are just private books.



Showers are baths that you need to stand up on.


You’re right.

Seals are just the water version of dogs.



The only time you clean your skeleton is when you brush your teeth.


An air conditioner is basically a combination of a box with window blinds and a fan.


Fair point.

A bed is a shelf for your body when you’re not using it.


True True
I have a thread for songs itsa game what shameless plug hmmmmmmmmm



When Snoop Dogg is 60, he will be 420 years old in dog years.


I already knew that, is it weird :joy:
A house cat in Sweden knows more Swedish than you (Unless you’re fluent in it).


OMG yeah…
Our houses are just like an aquarium or a zoo.


Yeah they are…
Food is better than a zoo