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Hell yah

Zoos are a place for captivity to animals and are used to impress society



Do crabs think fishes can fly?


If we were tea bags would we sweat tea? Because we sweat water…


I wondered when the aliens are gonna come.lol


Lol yeah haha
Why be like someone else when you can be yourself?


What if humans were nocturnal instead of diurnal?


I am nocturnal.

If you diagnose yourself as a hypochondriac, does that make you more of one?


I have no idea.

People need to stop the fanwars between BTS and EXO, they’re practically the same.


I guess…
Yawns are just silent screams


that post made me yawn, and no because my yawns are usually not so silent…

Money is basically just paper with a number on it and people just claim it has value…


I’m bored.


Boredom usually tends to make us crave for junk food…

Cats always jump on their feet, I wonder if God was fair with dogs or not…




Glitter gonna glit glit glit glit glit
I’m just gonna shake shake shake
It wont come off, it wont come off




dogs are more energetic than cats tho

I wonder if anyone speaks 7 languages on the forums?


Why is Charizard not a dragon type? I mean he looks like a freaking dragon!


I always wondered what it would be like to be someone else for a day… and see myself from their eyes. Just not metaphorically.



Does life really have a meaning?


I don’t have a clue…

Do you ever wonder if everyone else sees color exactly as you do? Like, green par example, could be so much different in someone else’s eyes…