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What if one day, our butt and face switch places?

Would we talk through our butts and poop through our face? Would we still see and smell out of our eyes and nose? Would our organs flip along with it? How would gravity affect that then? Would we learn to walk on our hands?


They shove clips from the movie down your throat, and anything anybody posts has something to do with that God forsaken movie. I feel like people think I’m crazy for not liking “To all the boys I’ve loved before” But I just can’t help it, if anyone thinks about it for five minutes is it any better than Mean Girls, or any teen movies from the early 2000’s? I just find that movie really predictable.


What is that about? “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”?


It’s about a girl who writes LETTERS about all the people she likes, and keeps them in a box. Is it just me or is that really creepy. She likes her sister’s boyfriend, who though is supposed to be a big part of it just disappears. But her annoying little sister send the letter to all the guys. And her sister’s ex finds out, and so she kisses this jerk who I personally don’t find cute, and then they go into a fake relationship. But they totally aren’t going to get real feelings for each other :roll_eyes: That’s basically it.


That sounds like trash.


It is, thanks for being the only one who agrees with me.


the main two things that really bothered me was how josh disappears and the weird camera angles…



However, I’m sure everyone would be very butt-i-ful. :rofl:


I loved that movie so much, I actually bought the book. :rofl: :blue_book:
I’m very religious and have high moral values. So, I mainly appreciated the fact that it wasn’t focused on sex…Which teenage movies usually are nowadays.
There were a couple of questionable scenes but, overall I found it really entertaining.


No problem. Thanks for letting me kniw. Now I don’t have to watch it


Oh wow, there was a book?

Have you watched Sierra Burgess is a Loser?


No but, I’ve heard of it. :thinking:
I’m still watching Gilmore girls so, that’s on my wait list. :joy:


Never watched Gilmore Girls…

Who in the world thought that it was ok to name butter, “butter” and butterfly “butterfly” when they have nothing in common?!


Because they thought witches took the form of butterflies and woukd steal milk and butter

Why do emotions make people irrational? Shouldn’t it do the opposite for survival?


That’s why it’s better just being emotionless.

I wonder if I have a doppelganger somewhere in the world? Like, someone exactly like me. Maybe we could become friends? :confused:


I honestly feel the same way?

Why do emotions and crushes and feelings exist? :woman_facepalming:t2:


Oml ikrrrr

How do we know EXACTLY what happened in the past? Like, 100 years ago, there’s “vivid details” of what happened… or maybe they’re just made up? :confused:


Dude that is insane?! It could all be made up! :scream:

Who invented time? And decided that there would be 24 hours in a day?


Oh my God, that is so true.

Why can’t we talk to animals? Like, we can’t even learn their language. It seems so unfair :frowning:


Dude true! It totally is unfair!

Why are parrots and cockatoos the only animals that can talk to us!?