Random thoughts

Is it okay or not really making the characters look different from one another if I have two guy characters that have either gentle almond eyes or if I have a guy character have blonde hair and the girl character in the group have blonde hair but they not be related? Idk, I feel like each guy needs to have different eye shapes to look different from each other, and also the use of the same hair color on one of the other characters in the group. Sorry, it was just a random question I kept thinking about.

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You’ll run out of different eye shapes and hair colours if you insist on using a different ones for each character. You’ll have to reuse them at some point unless your only wanting a story maximum of around 19 female characters & 23 male characters (:


nothing is wrong, it may just look weird, and your characters can suffer from same face syndrome.

personally I try to live by the rule of not using same features twize, unleash its family members then they should look a like

there are plenty of skin colors and hair colors, there is no reason the main cast share them.


ofcourse that dosent mean some features cant go again, I sometimes use the same things twize, but then I try to be diffrent.

a few exampels

Same lips

same nose


Oh god, no way. At most, I have about 10 or 11😆