Randomwriter’s Outline Contest!

Welcome to Randomwriter’s Outline Contest


Do not remove my watermark
Do not steal outlines
Do not criticize others work
Do not steal ideas (like color it the same way)
** Have Fun!**

I’ll add more outlines throughout the contest (bare with me and pm me character deets if you want an outline of your character featured in this contest (or the next one so that you can judge/help judge)you can also be a model for it here Want to be a model for my OC contest? )

Outline 1

Outline 2

Outline 3

Outline 4

Thank you @Golden.aura for modeling

Outline 5

Outline 6

Outline 7

Thanks to @HermanEpisode for modeling!

Outline 8

Prizes 🎁

1: 2 drawn art pieces and 3edits (any ex: splashes, character cards, ect.)
2: 1 drawn art piece and 2 edits (any ex: splashes, character cards, ect.)
3: 4 edits (any ex: splashes, character cards, ect.)


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Due Date: November 31
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Bump! Bump!

Hey could you please tell me how to join this contest and what exactly to do?

I’m really sorry…I’ve never participated in a contest before…i think I’m really stupid…sorry :disappointed_relieved:

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Np. All you have to do is ask and your participating I’ll add you to the participants.

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Tags : @Stella2003 @applejacks @Apart_12345

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Thanx for the tag! I’ll enter for sure :heart:

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Like I also have to share my outlines?

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You have to color one of the outlines I made above and either post them here or share it to me on a pm

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Okayy… Thank you… I’ll pm you once I’m done with it :sparkling_heart:

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I’ll enter the contest :relieved:

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K. I’ll add you

Hi! I would like to participate but what exactly is an outline contest lol?

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An outline contest is just coloring in the outlines posted above.

hi! I’ll be joining!

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Ok, I’ll add you!

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