RandomWriter's Art Shop! ✨ ( Drawn and Edited; Custom Poses, Pfps, Edits, Art scenes, Covers, Overlays, Limb Overlays, Splashes, Outfits, Characters, Moodboards, and more!) Open! Serves INK, LL, or CLASSIC (FREE)

Welcome to RandomWriters Art Shop!

Please Do Not

  • Spam the Thread this means not having conversations off-topic or typing, extra text just to be annoying.

  • Rush the Artist Good art takes time and all the artists here work really hard on your pieces, but we still have lives, so refrain from constantly asking if a piece is finished yet I will tell you when it’s done so don’t stress us out

  • No threadhopping I work very on your work and do not appreciate you going to other threads and requesting the same piece, by doing this you are wasting our time if you are in any way unsatisfied with our work, you can either ask the artist if they could redo it or tell them that you will not be using their work

  • I have the right to decline your requests * I have a live too and if I in any way cannot, complete, or feel comfortable completing your request I will let you know.

  • Be Rude This causes drama and doesn’t help anyone in anyway, please don’t do it. Help make the forums a better place! :revolving_hearts:

  • Steal Art from my examples or finished art.
    Password: Confused and Weird (Make sure to blur password in all forms)
    Your request will be declined if you fail to follow any of these rules!

    My Pet Peeves!

  • Please Reply! If I don’t get a reply from you in two days, I will sop doing your request, as I don’t have all the information I need.

  • Don’t Ghost Me! This goes with my post above, if I make something for you,please respond in someway, so I know you got it. If you don’t reply in a month I will put it down.

    What I do!

  • LL, INK, and CLASSIC (Drawn or edited)

  • Covers

  • CD Cards

  • Custom poses

  • Pfps

  • Edits

  • Art scenes

  • Overlays

  • Splashes

  • Outfits

  • Moodboards

  • Limb Overlays

  • Characters

  • Banners

    My Examples V!

Drawn Art

Custom Poses

image image


Coming soon…



image image

Limb Overlays


c1ab212c2b15353aab92d1adf6036596c8741a2e_2_281x500 0a95f6aa77a288f639da2a91766ae561c58bb63f_2_281x500



Coming soon…


Coming soon…


All banners above were made by me.

All the examples above, are old and will be updated with my newest examples, once they are finished.


Pfp Forms

Ink, Ll, or Classic?:
Character details:
Character Outfit:
Character’s Pose:
Background (If you don’t have a speciffic one then send a theme or idea of what you want):
Any extra stuff (text, decoration):

Custom Pose Forms

Ink, Ll, or Classic:
Pose Reference:
Character Details:
Backup pose:
Extra stuff (props):

Edit Forms

Number of Characters:
Character details:
Extra details:

Art Scene Forms

Number of characters:
Character details:

Cover Forms

Number of Characters:
Character details:
Font reference:

Overlay Forms

What you’d like an overlay of:

Limb Overlay Forms

Skin tone:

Splash Forms

Font reference:
What kind of font:
Would you like any characters on the splash? (If so send deets and outfit):

Outfit Forms

Character deets:
General idea:

Character Forms


Moodboard Forms

Character deets:

Banner Forms

What do you want it to say?:
Font reference:

Waiting List!

Thank you for considering Randomwriters Art Shop!
For any questions please contact me(@Randomwriter07) or @dazzling_ash @Writers.Block.Phobia (our moderators)


congrats on your new shop :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! It’s still in the progress of opening, hoping this won’t flop! :blush:

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it won’t :sparkling_heart:

I’d request something but I don’t need to :sweat_smile:

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Hah, it’s okay! It’s not open yet anyway! :rofl:

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I won’t publish the limelight version of my story (I am in progress with the ink version still)but this will be helpful. I will come back once it’s open.

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Ok of course! Feel free to request anytime!

Bump! :two_hearts:



Bump! :heart:

This shop is officially open!

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@faithprescott the shop is open so feel free to request! :blush:

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Bump! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations on the new shop!! :popcorn::popcorn::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Thank you!

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Character Request (Male, LL)-
Personality: Joker, Gambling Addiction, Kinda Popular

Outfit Request (for character above)-
Theme: Casual
Character deets: N/A
General idea: Comfortable

Confused and Weird

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Request Accepted! I’ll start on it soon!

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Could you send the age of the character?