Ranking question

I hope this is the right area, so my story over it has had over a 100 reads in the last 24 hours, but for some reason, it’s ranked 456 in its genre, but I have another story that had only 5 reads and it was ranked at 127 in its genre.
Does anyone understand the ranking system?


It depends on the genre (like romance and drama tend to be more competitive with more stories). Now, it also depends on gems, too.


it depends on how many reads you get, but its a bit weird, the once in top 100 gets 1000 reads a day, at least, which keeps them up there ,

honestly you should not care about ranking unleash you are in top 100 and even then not really

I am in top 100 right now because I am on the weekly shelf, and I noticed your ranking goes up and down, I can be number 50, then return an hour later, and its 20, and then again later and its 70. and I have gotten like 6000 reads the last few days, the ranking system is so weird,

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I know this particular story is the only one I have that has almost 50K reads and has never been in the top 100 or even in the new user story section, but it consistently ranks at least in the top 1000 which means nothing with episode, I just think its odd that this story can get that amount of reads and not move but my other stories can flucutate big time with just a few reads.

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it is weird, the entire ranking system is weird,

Like previous responses said, it really depends on the genre! I’ve had a mystery story rank in the top 10 of its genre with just a few gems spent (and very few reads) while in romance, it takes 200+ reads an hour to stay within the top 10.

Additionally, you won’t be able to rank in the top 100 until Episode reviews your story!

you know it’s funny, I posted that exact thing on another thread and was told it was inaccurate. My story has been out for over 2 years and I can’t believe it hasn’t been reviewed yet. I am glad that someone else was able to verify that.
Thank you

I did add support gems to my stories recently (last month or so) and a gem choice on default outfit on a few, what I am confused about is I always use only 5 gems, but it says I have had 91 gems total purchased through all my stories, how can that be an uneven number?