Rankings gone mad! Top stories aren’t showing

Hi! Why aren’t the top stories showing in the ap? Mine and others have disappeared.

We work so hard to publish stories only for them not to be shown on the ranks at all! Please sort this ASAP!

This has happened several times, with the top stories dropping in batches.
Usually mine trends around 50 in comedy, but today it was at 9, then 7 and then at 2 for ages, and not because it was getting a ton of reads. It never trended that high, even when I was featured on a shelf. And then it also suddenly dropped, down to around 200 while a bunch of stories with only 30 reads were trending at the top.
It’s happened about 3 time that I can recall, within the last month.


Mine trends between 15-30 and there seems to be around 15 random stories in front of the top lot- however on the ap it counts to about 30 but on the panel it says 138! So confusing! This is the second time it’s happened to me.

Maybe they’re working on some new way of showing stories :heart: Let’s hope so.


Last time it happened, one of the top stories in comedy for hours was a story with ten reads called “test 312” with a default cover and the summary “Don’t read this” so I hope this isn’t the system they plan to use to give smaller authors more exposure… :joy:


this is happening to me as well. and i find it really annoying because I don’t want a fake rank under me. I want it to be fair and i want to actually earn it so this was unnecessary for episode to do.


On my ap at the moment 2nd place’s Description says don’t bother reading this… :joy: I published yesterday and the ap is doing me no
Favours today. I can’t win lol

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i hope not because i want to earn my rank not get it because episode is helping me out. and its unfair to the top ranking stories which are ranking for a reason.


I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose, I think it’s a system bug.

I don’t even know where you see this :weary: In my app there are only top community stories

My top three had dropped from
7 -> 456
61 -> 358
177 -> 1356

(I really liked to stalk my stories xD)

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Happens to me too. I can pin down pretty easily when it’s the bug striking or if my story just dropped, as I have two in one genre (drama). One of them usually trends between 40 and 70 in drama and recently randomly drops to 500 out of nowhere, while still getting reads trough the Editor’s Pick’s shelf. The other one is usually between 120 and 200 in drama and now ranges between 20 and I have no idea cause the portal still shows 20 while the whole story is gone on the app, meaning it’s dropped so far that it’s not even visible anymore … Confusing and really not rewarding to publish at the moment.

Maybe someone from Episode could tell us more? Maybe they are currently changing their algorithm and it’s not going that well? Would be really interesting!

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Yes please! Im actually a little shocked that episode haven’t addressed this already. People have worked hard to achieve the ranks they’ve got and it’s not right.

It seems to happen to me a day after I publish. I got from 20 in comedy to 300… yet my reads are going up faster then ever before.

Can someone from episode let us know if this will be fixed? :broken_heart:


A day after publishing my newest chapter, I’ve gone from bouncing between 150 - 200 in romance to 1633. Im pissed :unamused:

Instead of using time to write trashy stories, the bugs need to be fixed.

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Has anyone submitted a ticket? I’m just curious since they don’t be seem to be saying anything about it…

I did to ask if they were in the process of fixing it or if it was something that couldn’t be fixed. I can post the reply on IG.

You are a true hero…:hearts: Thanks!

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Has anyone’s ranking moved in the past 3 days- I’ve stuck at exactly the same number and friends have too. It’s just odd as there’s a great story on the shelf that’s in comedy - getting way more reads then me but she hasn’t moved? Just wondered if everyone else is the same before I submit a ticket. :heart:

My rank hasn’t been stuck for 3 days but has been stuck for just over a day.