Rant about anything here!

So imma start my first rant with how awful people can be. Just the other day, I was walking down the street with my friend and some guys called her out for being ‘spotty’. She felt so self conscious afterwards that she didn’t want to go to the cafe and she started crying. I was soooo pissed off at those boys.

Okay, boo. First of all, if it can’t be fixed in 30 seconds, don’t comment on it!

i’m sure people realise their flaws and insecurities already, so why point them out?
Just keep yo nasty ass comments to urself honey. Words alone can seriously damage someone’s self esteem and mental health! You have no idea how much words can hurt somebody.

My friend is very healthy, In fact, I often make fun of her jokingly at how she’s eating a salad while my fat ass is inhaling a KFC. So her spots aren’t caused by an unhealthy diet. And she also washes her face as often as anyone else so it’s not that she’s unhygienic either!

She knows she has acne, so why point it out? It’s not as if she can wipe it off with a makeup wipe! It’s the same with when people comment on weight, religion, sexuality like STFU it’s who they are, or it’s not their fault! Leave them the fuck alone!


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