Rant: Artist struggles


So I myself, am an episode artist. The title seems a bit misleading now, but here is my issue:

So on a daily basis, people post threads asking for art help (covers, splashes, etc.). I honestly don’t know if it is rivalry or what but people will bombard the posters volunteering help, like they need to do EVERY art request anyone asks for. It is ridiculous. Someone will ask for help, and then even after someone has already volunteered, people still ask if they can help.

it only takes 1 person! 2 max, and now it feels like they are being passive aggressive trying to get this writer to choose them to do the request by doing things like spamming examples (lol) or sending links to requests threads AFTER someone has offered to help!

I experienced something like this, firsthand. So a girl wanted a cover done, and I told her I could do it. So she gives me the details on an open thread, and I start it. About a day later, on discord, a friend is messaging me about a request. She is telling me about it, and I realize she is doing MY request I stayed up so late trying to tweak.

Then she laughs it off, and tells me I can have it, but I was so upset, because I didn’t think the girl that wanted help was asking multiple people, so I started thinking:

“Does this always happen? For all I know, she could have one the request even though she KNEW someone else was working on it.”

And that’s where it really gets to me. Some artists are so insensitive and oblivious to the fact that we work REALLY hard on our art, and put so much time into it, and they are making it a competition. Honestly it needs to stop. I have had some friends in art groups almost quit because of drama!

It is not about getting the most requests on a thread, or being the best group (there are like 10000 groups with most members from multiple groups). It is about wanting to help out the community, and if that’s not why you’re doing it, then don’t, because you hurt others who are doing it for the overall good!

That’s all I have to say, if you have any comments, leave them down below. (Also not sure if this is the right category)


Thats happened to me. I usually post something like “If above ^^ haven’t done it yet I can.” and every time this one person spams the poster with stuff


Yes! I hate it.


Are we allowed to rant about other topics of Episode Artists?




Well I think we are ok for now, as long as we don’t publicly put down other users, since I am talking about things they do, and only some. Because I see most of the same uses doing this, but I won’t name them.


Fighting for art is SO pointless!


Yes, honestly. Just make random art and eat chips, and then life is good!


Yes, how people have the effort I will never know, I’m just chilling in bed watching these tiffs escalate eating my Pizza :woman_shrugging:
Ain’t nobody got time for that.


:joy::joy:yes .


Kay, I have a huge rant about some people who request.


Okay, so first of all…

Requesting at several threads
Honestly, this is super duper annoying. Once, I made a cover for this girl, a small and large, I found out after making it for her, she requested it from three or four other people. I mean, I spent time making it for her. When I found out the reason why, I literally screamed so hard. She said that she’s requesting from several people because she wants to choose the best one at the end. There is no best. It’s just so disrespectful.

Asking when artwork will be done
This is honestly very annoying. I mean, we are artissts. Making artwork takes time, it’s not like we can wave a magic wand and say, oh here’s your request!


Same it happend to my group we were working hard on it but cause she cant wait she said she dont need it anymore


if you’re talking about me, I didn’t say I didn’t need it anymore, I said I need it soon


Not you


Lol at least be straight up


thx sunny


Omg yes! Then there are times when people make like 3 different ones :unamused:. I always try to direct people to ask on my thread so that way people should be nice enough not to steal requests in a thread…


ugh ikr


That’s why I only tagged your group, mine, and my members because I knew y’all wouldn’t steal it.