Rant: Artist struggles


thx and same cus some people we know (I’m not saying names) don’t care abt other artists


I am an Episode “artist” and I completely agree with you! I personally find it easier just to work by myself and not join a group. However, I often get annoyed by people who request from multiple threads even though it clearly states that you can not do that in the rules. We spend so much time on our art, I would find it a shame if my art or another person’s art were put to waste.


yh I see where you’re coming from but you can also make amazing friends, through groups.

ugh ikr!



Okay I’m officially changing the name to: artist struggles




GAH thanks to whoever changed the catagorey… I knew it wasn’t in the right place :roll_eyes:




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Omg but I didn’t put it there… GAHH


One thing I really dislike is what you brought out about everything being a competition between the art groups.
There are many of them. I myself am in one. It just seems like people compete for attention. Every art group on the forums has the same goal… to make art. So, why is there competition? It’s not like anyone is getting paid. We ALL do it for free. It just stirs up unnecessary high school drama and turns people away from the rest of us who just want to make art.