[RANT] Don't ask me for something you can make yourself

It’s not okay. No one should do this to anyone :pleading_face:

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I know it isnt okay.

Some people do get lazy, so they ask others to do it.

Good idea.

It doesn’t matter whether someone art is better than the other. Art is art. If someone likes the art better than someone else then that is their choice to choose that person to do it for them. I guess.

Probably just to get their boredom out of the way for a bit, if they are busy in realz then they are busy and will get back to that requester. I suppose.

A lof of people don’t have time for everything else which is totally fact.

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Are you being sarcastic?

No, I am just saying it is kinda a good idea, but its just an option whether it is good or not good, but eh, I am just saying.

i just wanna add a thing. maybe they do not know what they want themself.

i asked someone to do my cover cause i had no idea what to make.

i ended op makeing it myself anyway cause no one wanted to make cause i had no idea about how it should look


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say due to your grammar, sorry!

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like you dont have an idea of how you want the cover to look like .

They’re still wasting my time if they won’t use the cover.

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Hey I know you said that your not doing art anymore, but I am just going to ask if you do limelight covers?

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I don’t do art at all. Sorry if that wasn’t clear :wink:

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I’m sorry to hear that! I agree with you on this topic actually. If someone can make cover art for their story, like why would they ask someone else to do it. It is just wasting that person’s time!

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just happen to me a person i made some overlays for her story to use. she has a cover she made herself which shows she knows how to do art. what i made was simple a person with any art program better than paint could do. i dont see how she could not do it herself

oh well i properly use it myself in the future.

This is kinda different. Making covers is extremely different from making overlays, no matter how good you are at art, maybe you still can’t do overlays because… well it’s just different.

Just wanted to add my two cents:
Maybe instead of looking at it as a “waste of time” see it as an opportunity to get better at what you do? The reality is, it’s up to them after you’ve made the thing to use it or not, unless you have an agreement that they have to use the banner/splash or whatever for a set amount of time in exchange for getting free work. If they use it for a short while and credited you properly, hey- that’s something you can add to your portfolio because people have seen your work and will look for you (granted this would only help if you took a screenshot of it in use and added it to your port before they replaced it).

If they decided not to use it after you’ve created it and never posted it - no biggie. DM them and ask if they plan on using it later on down the line for a different story/project or whatever (which may be the case) and if they say no, then let them know you’ll be recycling it and/or posting it to your port anyway.

If you find that you have repeat offenders, you have the right to refuse their requests. And if you find that they’re using your work as a template for their own without crediting you, don’t get mad-just report them lol. Seriously, don’t let other people’s prerogatives stop you from creating and getting better. That’s just sabotaging yourself.

Also, you never know, maybe they just like your work?

and I mean....

Maybe they choose not to move forward with your work, create their own, or ask someone else because of the way you’re coming across online? Think about it, would you want to use/be associated with someone who’s constantly ranting or being negative, no matter how good they are? Like I understand you’re just venting your frustrations and have every right to do so, but if you’re coming across as a Negative Nancy, then that could be a reason why people decide to either replace or create their own. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m just stating my observations and if I’m coming off as rude, I apologize in advance.

I took a look at your work and you’re VERY good, so don’t discount yourself saying people are way better than you. You understand color pairings, text, and other graphic design elements and your work looks amazing!

Try to look at the bright side and if you must rant about something, rant to a friend, your blog, journal or somewhere where potential clients and supporters won’t feel turned off.

– Side note: There’s actually a blog created by artists for artists where people anonymously submit rants and horror stories about clients who ticked them off so you can keep your professional and personal separate. DM me for the blog if you want it; even if you’re not going to submit, being able to see you’re not alone in the world of art-ing is a comfort. Plus some of these stories are so cringe. :laughing:

Anyway, I hope you don’t give up making your graphic art.


I’m too lazy to read all that by thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

LOL I guess. Anyways. Good luck with whatever it is you choose to do next.

Here’s what I think:

In here

First, I’d like to say that this is probably going to apply to me too because I requested at your shop and I also owned my own shop. Secondly, in my opinion this is probably one of the worst things I’ve seen somebody put on the forums. I’ve said rude things too that I do regret and for that I had my topic deleted. Obviously an art shop is an art shop and should be open to ANYBODY, if you don’t want to make art for anybody or certain people you might as well put on every art shop you have “ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT ART SHOPS” because almost everybody can create their own splash or cover but they ask other people, not because they are lazy but because they want someone to do it because they like to explore art from other people. Helpful people like to make art shops for EVERYONE and not just for people who don’t have an art shop open or previously opened. If you don’t want to make art for all people then why open an art shop at all? Sorry if this came off as rude but this pisses
me off. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite for saying rude things because I learned from my mistakes but I would never deny anybody’s request even if they have an art shop already. Thank you, next. :blush:


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