Rant: Forum Etiquette

I need to say this because I am over it all. When you post something relating to seeking help for your story and have basically said urgent help and have provided enough information to get the help needed and hours and hours go by and you have no response but you see a lot of views, so you know people have read it. Why can’t people either say I don’t know how to do that but I know someone who can or more obvious, bloody help. I thought part of this ‘community’ was to help each other. You think if I could do this stuff myself I wouldn’t go to the trouble of asking for help! So what happens is my story is delayed even more because I am stuck.


If people answered with I don’t know, etc it would cause a bunch of replies and wouldn’t be helpful :nerd_face: the best thing is to be patient or use the search to see if someone had the same problem


I wouldn’t want just a I don’t know I meant like a I don’t know but blah blah helped me with this or I saw blah blah helped someone with something similar.


Yes I agree that would be helpful but the views also might be other people wondering the same thing :sweat_smile:


Okay I never thought of it that way.

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@Katie36 have we not been over this in yourDiscussion: Blantly Ignoring Post

as i said on that thread “mainly everyone is a new writer they dont know much and if they are familiar with how things work keep in mind that they wont be able to reply to you ASAP youre not the only one with the same problem, and they will most likely be busy helping others, and/ or busy working on their own stories, or busy with their daily lives that do not consist of being on the forums. At the top of the screen :arrow_upper_right: there is a magnifying glass :mag: search for what you need and read through the thousands of replies to see if people have already asked for what you need…they probably may have already…and if you have already done that and you still see nothing then maybe then you should create a thread saying soo i looked everywhere blah blah blah and nothing so i was wondering if anyone know how to blah blah blah”

i mean honestly, all you have to do is read the guides that are provided for you by episode or by others who made How to’s or go on yourtube and watch videos…other than that there really isnt much to do either you write it yourself and keep practicing OR basically someone else writes your story for you, but then whats the case is it really your story.


I had a feeling you would respond. I am entitled to say my bit and maybe because it keeps happening I am fed up. Don’t you think I have looked at guides and youtube tutorials to help me.

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i just love you so much and your rants :kissing_heart: i mean other than reading you just have to keep practicing. Go on into your portal and just mess around with it…I am fed up to but you dont see me creating 110 post. After a while maybe you should just learn to do it on your own thats what i do i just read and re-read and practice

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@Sydney_H another post to close please.


Some ppl don’t want to do that, why waste time, when you don’t have an answer


I help here and there… but Sometimes what is being asked of me is hard to explain in words and I would do nothing but confuse someone if I tried to explain it by typing it out…

I get that you are frustrated,(I would be too) Just getting started on the app is very confusing, but people do try to help when they can and if they think thy can be helpful.

I am very sorry you are having a hard time, and I do wish more people could help you. However, do you think its really fair to get mad at everyone because they cant always help you? Do you think its fair to say people MUST help you to be worthy of “Forum Etiquette?” And yes, not everyone here is interested in helping people with directing… some are here simply to shoot the breeze with fellow writers. There is nothing wrong with that, either.

Perhaps you could take the suggestions that people have offered and go on You-Tube to look for tutorials, and read the online manual a bit more. When I first started, the video tutorials helped me out the most! (These suggestions are a form of help.)

I now the worst thing you can say to someone when they are frustrated is to “calm down” but really, maybe you should take a breather and step away from the writing portal a bit and chat with some fellow writers and relax for awhile… then, when you’re feeling better, try to tackle the portal again :slight_smile: Good Luck on your Story and GOD bless! (I mean that!)


Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: