Rant here! let it all out

So feel free to rant about ANYTHING in the comments but one thing i really hate are TRENDS!
So im going to be honest, i do to trends like the fidget spins or the dances… but i hate trends especially withe songwriters or singers! BILLIE EILISH! DONT GET ME STARTED :joy: So in our school, i was the only one who liked Billie Eilsh and knew her first but then she started too get more POPULAR AND TRENDY so more people liked her! and they said that they love her and knew her from day 1…
Im sorry but trends are always going to be changing, and im not saying its bad to do trends because EVERYONE AND ME DOES THEM,! i just hate it how some people pretend to like it because society says.

Phew…sorry had to get that out

What about you guys?

Closed since this is a duplicate. The original rant thread has been closed temporarily: RANT thread #3 :)

There’s already a Billie Eilish thread: Billie Eilish? Yay or nay :wink: