[Rant] Permission & Credit About Art

ugh, okay, so recently, someone i knew who i won’t name stole, claimed, and lied about some art. i’m pretty sure she got it from instagram & then straight up left when we got suspicious of her. we found the art on a few artists pages, and then realized what she’d done. i posted these on my instagram story;

just wanted to share that. hope no one uses someone else’s art without permission! :coffee::frog: feel free to comment what you think or whatever :woman_shrugging:t2:


Unfortunately, as a content creator, that is always a risk when you post something online. And it shouldn’t be. It’s such a shame. And sadly, there’s little we can do about it.

Hopefully, that person matures and understands what they did.


I think you should add watermarks in such places where it can’t be removed without damaging the art


I recently had the cover of my story stolen, and the person who did it just didn’t seem to understand that you can’t take art that’s not yours. After being told to take it down, they became angry and refused. I hadn’t really experienced art stealing before this, but now I know it’s a big problem in the community. Always ask for permission and give credit. :wink:


the person did, actually. right next to the face, and the one who stole it just didn’t care. but i understand what you’re saying.


Then you should post it somewhere where you will have copyright

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Where did you put the water mark?

it wasn’t mine. but the watermark was right next to the face.

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Then that artist should put tge watermark in an angular way covering the whole art

she was posting it for someone so that would ruin the whole thing but it’s solved now ig

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