RANT: The Big Ol’ Update

That big update boi

Disclaimer: I love the episode team and I’m EXTREMLEY grateful that they’re doing this for us and working so hard to bring us things we asked for! No offense to them of anyone else!


That update… yep, THAT ONE!

Guess what sis has been doing all week long?
refreshing the episode forums everyday to see when the update will arrive.

Guess what happened?
It didn’t.

Now, I understand that it’s not technically episodes fault that people are waiting-for the most part-but the fact that they were advertising it the way they were…

They made it seem like they were releasing it in a few days!
I mean come on!

These are just some of the comments. They were commenting stuff like “they’re coming very SOON!”

At this point I feel baited. I understand if they need more Time.
But please just let us know! Don’t have us refreshing pages every minute and working our story schedules around this possible update.

I feel like it’s almost a marketing scam or shoot maybe it’s a conspiracy.

They said “stay tuned.”

I guess the whole message of this topic is:
I wish episode would be have more communication with their users.
If they need more time or if they’re not sure when the updates coming out, let us know?
What ended up happening was people wasting their time scouring the internet and getting excited.

If this update is coming out later than a month, then I’d pray that you’d tell us that.

That’s all I have to say :sob:


That’s like waving food around in a dogs face and then munching on it in front of them just when they got excited about getting it. :sweat:


Just remember a girl saying “I am ready in 5 minutes.” - takes 2 hours.
“Coming very soon” means like 2 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Kinda seemed more like you assumed then they led on? I really don’t see the evidence in how it’s a marketing scam. Just seems like we need to be more patient. Soon can mean many different things lol. Could be a day, week, month, couple months, etc.

I’m excited for these features as well, but when it comes to these things sometimes apps or games can’t give an exact date. They could be waiting on multiple features not to be buggy or it could just be one thing they’re waiting on.


I know, I wrote to them about this issue. I was waiting, refreshing desperately trying to see the new features and I was so dissapointed! I think the worst part was that everything Episode releases that are not the new features will just seem disappointing to authors and writers, even though they are great updates I would otherwise be so happy to get. I think they should at least give us something to be excited for even if it is far away.

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They only release new features on Thursdays, so your time is better spent only checking once a week.
I’m also impatiently waiting. I need the beards and certain hairs because reasons. :eyes: At the same time, I don’t want to have to update my CC templates for my contest story, especially since it’s limited customization so I can’t just send them to the in-app character creator.


Well it’s out now!