RANT: This needs to stop

Gem choice hairs will cause the end of me I SWEAR.

Please don’t send hate to episode or any authors, this is just a rant thread and giving feedback on some of episodes “marketing” tactics…

Either spend 1.99 on hairs that look like unicorn vomit!

Or spend no money and only have ugly vanilla episode hair styles to choose from (with the exception of a willy wonka hair and a very few others)

There are dozens of other episode hairstyles on the portal that are gorgeous and FREE but they only use the vanilla and “basic” ones so readers are pressured into spending 1.99 on hair in a game…
Frankly I think it’s a low blow and seems desperate. When I get to the character menu and see this stupid gem hair crap I IMMEDIATELY CLICK OFF.

Jesus, just put all the hairs on the portal in the character menu. I don’t care about the gem choice hairs, I care that you’re using a trick to get people to buy hairs. If episode wants people to buy custom hairs MAKE NEW ONES.

Mods, please don’t touch this thread and merge it with another one, this is MY rant thread.


Can we also mention the fact that there’s hardly any ethnic hair styles when they do this? The portal has very beautiful braided hair and curly hair styles they could add but they threw in only 3 ethnic hairs styles among 11 hair styles…


my favrotie curly hair is not even there


I really hate gem choices because most of the time they are useless. like I read glitch girl and mutiple gem choices where for a date or something and she got stuf up evry time so if I had boguht the choice and got stud up I would have gotten so angry over it


I used to really hate gem choices, but I’m kinda okay with them now. I’ve chosen enough gem choices to know they’re not worth it. If you really want a particular hairstyle like the above, then go for it. But choosing extra scenes aren’t worth it, they aren’t great and the majority don’t affect the plot line.


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