RANT thread #3 :)


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this is going to be a load of gibberish so don’t expect to understand this

How are you? Oh yeah, I’m like fine and all’s zcept like you know? Yeah I know it’s like so stupid and all and it’s like a freaking bicycle, why’d you compare it to a bicycle, I don’t know, like it doesn’t even have anything to do with a bicycle and I’m slowly going crazy and like you know? Okay? Yeah. You know.

Still doing fine. 🙂

“How are you?”

Oh, I’m doing well. I’m alive. Living, right? But I’m kinda losing my friends? So that’s great. You know, living with mental illnesses too. It’s not easy. Trying to help others, but um… I can’t keep myself together.


Alright I have a ranttttttttttt:


I’m done with people online talking all bad and thinking they cool. (This isn’t even towards a specific person, it’s towards everyone I’ve fought with on the forums.) It’s honestly so annoying when people are literally fake. They act all nice and then they suddenly snap at you so easily which literally makes it seem like they didn’t like you in the first place, THAT IS FAKE. But I’m honestly really done with haters and people making me seem like the bad guy when all I did was stand up for myself. People say I’m the rude one in the fight but it’s usually always me keeping my cool until they push it was too far. I’m honestly done with worrying about people OVER A SCREEN and how they feel and I’m done letting people’s irrelevant comments get to me and I’m done snapping back. Like once you talk crap, I’m going to ignore you and let you go your way so you’ll get bored of trying to hate. It’s so sad how people really waste their time typing hate to someone like get a life or something. I get hated on for defending myself and I’m tired of caring about that. I mean, I know I did nothing wrong and it’s sad how others try to say otherwise. I mean of course I’m still going to defend friends and myself on here but that’s only common sense. I’m seriously done with fighting with people with no brain at all. I have way more important things in my life to deal with and do than let someone not even living in my state get to my head. I’m just going to stop focusing on people and let them go and let them hate cos I have someone who loves me and I love him and that’s all that matters so me, so everyone who doesn’t like me, you don’t know me, so please try to come at me and make me care, I don’t anymore I have a family and my boyfriend to care for and the others doesn’t matter. I’m done caring. All I’m going to do is be blunt and honest with y’all like always and if you don’t like it, then fine, your problem. :woman_shrugging: Online fighting is so petty and a waste of my time and my life when I have a boyfriend to care about and love and give all my attention to and not anyone else that just hates and can’t handle their own medicine and I’m done with it. :joy:


:speaking_head: Preach it!


Thanks! :joy:


(btw my old uername was _Life if you remember :grin:)


Oh Hi. :blush: I didn’t realize that was you.


Well I changed my username to my boyfriend and I’s ship name lolll :joy:

But yeah, I was just making sure you knew it was me so you didnt think I was some new other person :joy:


That is so CUTE! :scream::heart_eyes:


Gonna just go on a very-short-not-really-a-rant about myself
It’s embarrassing to be so extra in public but I literally can not help it
And I’m worse at home.
why do I have no filter???


What is exactly? :sweat_smile:




Ohhh yeahh, thanks, I know, the name is pretty cute :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Not as cute as him tho ngl :flushed::sweat_smile:






I’m ready for my high school life to be over with. I am ready to walk across that stage in 2 months.


I am so insecure about what I do. Especially in my art. Some people say it is pretty, but others don’t understand it. I know it isn’t as good as other people’s art. Its just, idk. Just not good


You said what you fuckin said! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


I am so sorry darling :heart: