RANT thread #3 :)


I’m fine. It’ll all go away. :grin:


Your forum family will still love you, though, hope you don’t mind. :wink::hugs:


You can’t hide from meee :face_with_monocle: there is no use in lying. It may placate us for the moment but you will be hurt inside, and in the end, we will all be upset. You don’t have to put a mask on, not for me. I can see through it anyways. I’m Haruka the X-Ray, remember? :wink:


I don’t want to be a burden, it’s clear that that’s true.


I mean yeah, I don’t mind :joy: you guys arent haters :grin:


does anyone like the band why dont we


ME! I LOVE THEM! (Okay, sorry a bit too excited :sweat_smile:)


omg can i PM you!!!


But I accept everyones opinion about them






Me too, I hate being a senior :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Of course you don’t want to be a burden, nobody does. But you’re not a burden.


Thank you :heart:


My teacher told me to study with the study guide to help me prepare for the test and when I took the test, half of the things on the study guide wasn’t even there. I–:triumph:


I hate it when that happens :unamused:


Who recently just got her forum boyfriend @Bluxepy and I know @Chocolate_Mama has chatted with Blu. :blush:
GOOD LUCK GUYS LOVE YOU :heart::heart:
PLEASE support them


Congrats you two!


My senior year did not go well because I went to a new school for my senior year :unamused: I hate it.


Do you know the feeling when you message about 10 people and none of them are here? :joy: