RANT thread #3 :)


yup! :joy:


I want my parents to get divorced.


I want my parents to get divorced, so my fucking stupid dog can go away.
She is literally tearing away our family.
All I can do is cry, because she never really gives us kisses, she just bites.
I know I should never say this:

I wanna kill my dog.

On Wednesday, March 13 I asked my mom if she got me any candy. And she said “No. I wanted to come see Rosie (The dog).
I just looked at my mom. Stormed to my room and slammed the door.
I slid onto the ground, and laying on the door.
“Way to let down a teenager.”.
I just started crying.
I guess teenage years with parents are never perfect.
And my childhood was never good enough.
I always put on a fake smile.
But under the mask. It’s just sadness, total blank.
And I am broken.
Thanks @loveyourself for being my counselor and friend. And I was yours too.
But I wanna rant on this too.
I hope it’s not to personal.
I still wanna chat.
Also @Chocolate_Mama Tbh I love you so much as a BFF :heart:
I wish we could be forum sisters, and real life sisters. :laughing:


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I get you hate your mother and everything but a divorce is something I don’t think you should wish for. Divorces are tough and not just on the kids but for the parents? Does your mother make your dad happy? If so, it’d be hurting him in the process. You just need counseling, someone to talk to about this. Maybe confront your father about how she makes you feel?

mental health

i don’t think i’ve ever felt worse. depression, anxiety, a form of ocd, and maybe a personality disorder. i feel terrible and just uncomfortable with the weirdest things. i don’t know why i’m like this. i feel sorry for everything but i just can’t fix it. i don’t know how, ya know? life’s confusing bro. i feel so unloved and my parents act like i’m the most distant, sassy, rude daughter on this planet. i’m never good enough. i have maybe 2 friends, and it’s obvious they would drop me if they were rude enough. i hate myself. but anyways! it’s okay. i have to be okay.


Awwwwww girl I love you too and I would love to have you as a sister and I’m sorry about your home life honestly just being a teenager in general is so tiresome. Don’t worry hon Ik the feeling but suicide is not the answer just stay strong enough to keep pushing through your teenage years


I’m sorry but I feel like I need to rant on here really badly because my stupid Bitch ass best friend is so fake you can literally spot it except no one can see it except me great right? and I don’t wanna say this but I want to flippin murder her she makes me loose my mind she literally tries so hard to be better than me at EVERY SINGLE THING it’s like a race omg like wth. She doesn’t care about anybody, she’s “friendly” but no not that friendly, once you leave she talks shit about you and tries to cause fights with everyone. I just wanna fight her but literally my fam would Be like you’re crazy tf so like technically I can’t do anything coz I’m so stupid that I’m going to the same highschool AS HER!!!

Ok I feel a lil better


Aw thanks❤️


My father also changed…




I’m really sorry to hear that, but my gosh that is something I can relate to, maybe PM me and we can talk? I also didnt mean to be late but I’m just reading this now. :blush:


Dang. That is how I feel with so many “friends” of mine. Except not the murder part. I really want them to trip down stairs and get some sense knocked into them. :grin:


Lmao at this point idek why I call em friends oh well😂 but shoot I do hope they trip down some stairs


Lol yeah they arent even friends :joy::roll_eyes:


Big facts :joy::new_moon_with_face:


They lucky I dont throw hands with them and I dont touch nasty things :nauseated_face:


Now that’s true coz if I threw hands she ain’t finna have no hair left​:sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:


Right! Like they lucky l dont drag them and stuff, but everyone is always bigger than me so I dont touch anybody cos I’m easy to mess with being the smaller one :no_mouth::neutral_face: but my attitude and “sassiness” is what makes them scared of me like trust I’m not a chill person and I’m pretty scary irl and very psycho :joy:


Bigger or not who cares you’re probably strong then em all plus it just takes one phrase to bring em down like in my school you say one word to them and they begin crying like sheesh