RANT thread #3 :)


Sure. advice on what?


How to find your soulmate.


Skskshshhshsh agghhh :heart::heart::heart::heart:
I’m crying.
Not even my parents tell me that anymore…


I stayed home. Time to promote my YouTube channel.




They told me when I was 9-11. Now I don’t think they really say it like they use too.
And even if they did, do they mean it?


Of course they do.


This is me when I’m with them:
image image image image image
Not only that. I’m just depressed. And I cry… and cry… and cry.
It’s a privilege I abuse.


It is really cold in my mom’s house and I’m miserable in here. X’DDDDDD




I’m chill and watching Cdrama.
Oh my god he is so hot:


Im crying cause he is hot and can sing.
Such talents. He can play anything.


X’DDDDDDD Asians smh…my bestie loves Asian aesthetics, too ^^

He’s…kinda cute I guess. Too feminine for me ^^’


Awww :expressionless:
I don’t really watch it because I finished all 30 episodes, while having chocolate milk.
My cousin recommended Black Butler anime.


I feel so bad that you have to go through the coldness. :joy:


Oooof! My buddy likes that anime, too. Not a fan myself X’D >.> What even…I just…I guess I’m a bad nerd? LOL

Aw, don’t worry bout it, fam. I’m wrapped in a big banky.

I’m gonna have to get under it here soon, though.


Soulmate in a romantic sense or…?


Where are from? I’m not from U.S.
I just moved.


Watching Your lie In April sksks


Do you wanna PM? we’ve strayed from the topic now… But I’ll go ahead and answer:

Texas!! :cactus: :desert: :us: :cow: :cowboy_hat_face: :sunny: