RANT thread #3 :)


Just ranting a little bit about how much I hate how uncertain life is… Last year I was unsure where I would be this year (if I would pass my exams) I passed them and now I have new worries already, cause I will have to pass all the courses, with at least a 7 out of 10 which is quite a high level this year, to be able to go and study abroad for 6 months in my 3rd year of university…


I pormised people to gain weight because I am underweight. So I try to gain weight with just eating like a normal peerson, but I just gained weight and now I feel fat. I don’t want to gain only lose. But I know that is unhealthy. I just don’t know what to do

small rant about my sad life

so i’ve just been completely overwhelmed all of a sudden and like, it hurts thinking that some of my forums friends only talk to me because they pity me. people i called best friends, people i thought i would have an inseparable bond with are rapidly drifting away from me. people who mean so damn much to be and im nothing to them. and idek what to do anymore. and i know i’ve said it before but this time i think i’m leaving the forums for good.


you okay?


I’m so sorry you feel like that but just know I don’t pity you at all




babe, I know you have a hard time now. But don’t forget there will always be peopel that will be there for you. Like me. You will never lose me, okay?
If you leave, please stay safe and keep our promise


yeah, I think so. It doesn’t feel like I am shit, but it feels different… And I feel fat…


can i pm you really quickly




Thank you.


Now I am scared. I am overanalyzing everything, and what if I never get my life back together, what if it stays like this? Oh god

don’t mind me



Do you have trouble with a friend or lover?




I’ve had many trouble with friends online, and offline.


Me too :tada::persevere:


What type of situation is going on. Would you like to chat?


I just miss someone and yeah only if you don’t mind :sparkling_heart: I’m going to sleep soon anyway so I’ll talk for a bit


Of course. I have had many friends never talk to me again, and I miss them.
Or they have moved away, but were my friends since childhood.
And I understand you are sleepy.
Rest comes first.
Who knows who could maybe chat tomorrow, to make my comment sound nice:
I’m actually free all day and other days except fridays :laughing:
It’s PJ day.
I also love your pfp.
Lisa Simpson forever.
And her expression is definitely me everyday