RANT thread #3 :)


Okay. One bite at a time.


I’m seriously thinking about leaving the forums because I am over rude people now.


Well it is your choice and no one is stopping you.


But you have to think there are a lot of nice people here.


I know, and I appreciate those nice people.

everyone dislikes me

just asked someone in my math class for the picture of a homework due monday, and she refused to give it to me. :slight_smile: can wait to get in trouble!


Here’s a tip:
Just say:
“Bitch if you don’t give me what I asked. I will tell on your ass.”
if she gives it to you:
“Yeah that’s right. Not so sassy now, huh?”


i’m just not brave like that. i’m a lost cause. but thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry everything has to start with a bad word, let me rephrase that:
“So you think I like you too? We aren’t friends we are just classmates. If you don’t give me the assignment and I get into trouble it will be your fault. I will tell on you like the flash.
If you think you are cool. Think again.”


No no no!!! Confidence is what humans should have.
Never be afraid to speak up, you will regret it later on.


you know, i would. but i’m already lonely, and if i said smt like that she’d probably snake and my becoming-friendships would end faster than they started


I would’ve slapped her. No one has the right to talk to me like that.
There should be a rule:
Never disrespect Your Classmates


My entire life is falling apart. Literally. The only thing keeping me is Epic and a few people I care for. I want to help people, I want to be kind and I want love in the world but right now I am over it. I am tired and sad as usual. I do not want to feel this way anymore, it’s getting harder and harder to open my eyes every morning. Wake up, do my routine, worry about my body, force myself to eat, go to school feeling crappy, try to stay from my “friends”, get depressed, hit a trigger, have intrusive thoughts, go home, take a bath, possibly get a flashback. Pray, do some homework, possibly use my phone or watch Netflix, pray again, then go to sleep. Have trouble sleeping. Repeat. It is the same thing everyday, no happiness or nothing that sparks joy. Happiness doesn’t even exist. When I say this, I get the same thing all the time. I hold my problems within myself, feeling like a burden to everybody. Then I get angry. I get angry at myself for not being in control of my life, for being too weak. So I take my razors because I can’t let out my anger. The only way out is death, my death. For I am drained, upset, and worthless.


I am so sorry, I am not happy to read this. Even though I know you have a hard time. I want you to be okay, and I want you to know that you aren’t worthless. You do so damn much, and it is all worth it. I am sorry again darling :heart:


You are NOT worthless. Not at all.
“Not being able to control myself” is something a struggle a lot with too.


You are not weak. Being sad and making mistakes isn’t weak. Not being able to control isn’t weak.
You want to change your situation, right? People who don’t want to change are weak. Don’t give up, because you can still work with me on getting better. What if you’ll be better soon? Don’t give up, stand up and show the world that you want to be happy by doing something, anything that makes you happy. Draw something, read something, whatever makes you happy. Or talk to someone.

You could also write some things down you want to achieve (example: being happy), or keywords on how you want to become, who you want to be (as an example you could write down your eating problems). Write down some things you (always) wanted to do (it can be something small, literally anything as an examples from me (you don’t have to like them AT ALL): .Writing an own book, playing the piano in public, eating cookies :cookie: with friends).Anything. And then choose one think you want to improve and one thing you always wanted to do and then you always try to accomplish one of your goals and work on those things to make youself.

I’m so sorry you have to go through this. You can always PM me. I’m here. I want you to go through this with me :heart:


Oh, thank you, Esther. Sweetie, I want you to know that even when I’m sick, I want you to be happy. :heart:


But I’m tired.


Thank you :heart:
You are a very good person, never forget that. And whenever something happens with me, don’t worry about me. And if something happens with you, please tell me


And you are too.


oh girl you don’t deserve any of this. at all. I assure you, you aren’t a burden to anybody. and I know you barely know me but like I said you can always always pm me, I’m always willing to listen. And you are not weak. You’re incredibly strong. You’re still fighting… and that’s amazing in itself. Everyday you wake up is a victory in it’s own way; you’re still alive and kicking.
you’re not worthless you’re invaluable