Ranting? Venting? Need help


Ever since I was about 1 year old, I couldn’t chew solid. To this day, I still can’t chew. My diet is very limited because of this.

Crisps, chips, noodles, pasta, rice, banana, cookie, cake, cereal, chicken, turkey… I can’t eat them because I can’t chew, I don’t know how to chew. I don’t get how you do it.

This problem has since disrupted my life. Appointment after appointment, my attendance to school is 89%. My dietician put me on milkshakes that are nutritional because I’m just about underweight for my age. I’m also very tall and skinny.

Because I can’t chew, my health isn’t the best, but I am still healthy. My parents have been told they are starving me, and they’ve since been blacklisted. My attendance to school is so poor that I now need to give in the doctor’s letter to confirm that I am not missing out on school on purpose.

The regular hospital I visit is one hour away from me. I need to catch 2 buses, 20 minutes and 45 minutes (that’s if we’re lucky. Going to is an hour but going back is shorter), This has made me exhausted, and I’m just about done with life tbh. No one has these problems but me. I’ve yet to find anyone else who can only eat puree food.

All I ask for is help. I know you’re reading this thinking - what the hell? It’s the same reaction I get every time I tell someone who doesn’t know. Anyway, I want to chew. It’s not like I’m happy about not eating what everyone else is. …Help! Ideas?


I’m really sorry about your struggles with this sort of thing. All I can say is good luck, and I hope that one day you’ll be able to chew solid food with the right doctor. Just keep on being strong.


Chewing is essentially just placing food in between your teeth and moving your jaw up and down so it, well, cuts the food so it can become smaller pieces. I’m sure someone has already told you that and it hasn’t helped, but just in case it can help…


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