•RastaUnicorn’s Guide to Writers Block.•

My Guide To Writer’s Block!

•Listen to an inspirational song! Suggestions are: Shelter, Not Afraid, Rise, ect.

•Search up inspirational quotes. @Discobot has some great ones if you want to stay on the forum.!

•Sleep on it! Sleep will calm your brain, clearing your mind for new ideas.

•Reminisce. See what you have written before, recently even. It will generate new ideas.

•Ask for help! Wether it’s a family member, Episodian, or someone on the street! People are happy to help when the can (Most people.)

•Meditate to instrumentals. Maybe meditation will relax you instead of getting worked up about trying to fix your brain on an idea.

•Have some fun! People can relax when having a good time. <NEW>


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