•RastaUnicorn’s Tip To Romance•

aHeM. I’ve noticed some unbelievably cringed romance stories while browsing episode. After developing my story, I’ve also developed some tips.

  1. Do not place it in the comedy section! The plot does not revolve around comedian assets! It’s a romance plot, even if there is side-jokes!

  2. If MC has an abusive partner, do not make them stay without a reason. Please be advised that non-self respect characters lack attraction to readers. (When I say reason: I mean personal reasons not only: “I love him!”

  3. LI doesn’t always need to be misunderstood bad boys. It’s one thing to be misunterstood but when they act like a total jerk…


  1. Don’t make your MC stereotypical. Mary Janes are unacceptable and nonrealistic.

  2. Make an original plot. If you see a thousand stories with the same plot, stay away from it!


  1. Make your characters look different! Make them have unique, but realistic, features. DO NOT make the LI look like the MC please!

  2. If making a mental depression-based romance plot, don’t glorify it. This can be found as highly offensive to people trying to cope with it, they might stay in that state because they thing it’s okay and it will heal your problems.

  3. Try to make them meet unusually! Don’t do the classic bump into each other, what if they met on the plane because the MC had a phobia of flight! Or they were assigned to dance to each other because one was a pro while the other was beginning in the ballroom genre of dance!


This I totally agree with : )
Romance stories belong in romance and comedy stories belong in comedy.
It does suck though when writers put stories in the wrong genres : (


What if they’re romantic comedies? Then the focus is both romance and comedy.

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Putting one joke in your romance story every 10 chapters does not make it a comedy~

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There is such things. But the plot is mostly romance. Even with funny characters, it’s romancs :).

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