Rate forumers with EMOJIS! πŸ™ƒ ;) **GAME**


Rate Forumers With Emojis

Hello! This is a forum game that I like to play with my friends.


Rate the person above you with one emoji! The person below you rates you with an emoji. Make sure to reply to the person above you or tag them so they know! :wink: Be honest! I hope no one’s feelings will be hurt.

@personepisode: I rate @person12episode :sunglasses:
@peopleonepisode: I rate @personepisode :rofl:

Hope all is understood!


I rate @Miss_Moonlight :star_struck:


I rate @granolias with :raised_hands:


I rate @Artistofepi with a…


I rate @Raybadem with a :roll_eyes:


Your mean. That was rude. I will never look at you the same. I will cut of all connections to you.


No that’s not what I meant but ok


Goodbye forever night owl. Your mean. Meanie.


I wasn’t trying to make it like that…but ok


So mean! Omg! ya serious. You really think I’d be this mad over a eye roll. no you can’t break this vibrainem. That’s right I’m a metal from Wakanda.


Unmm ok…I’m confused


Night owl. It’s me. Of course your gonna be confused. Can’t keep up with this chill-Ness.




Wait give me a swing to get my favorite thing in the world.


I’m gonna stop replying because this is off topic




I rate @Kaycee_Rose with a… :thinking:


I rate @Raybadem :upside_down_face:


Aw thanks.


I rate @Teahwalker with a… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: