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Hey, I got bored and decided to draw. As I couldn’t find a sheet of paper, I drew it on my phone.



My lines aren’t amazing, but they’re good enough. I traced the outline using ibis paint X.

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Thank you & have a good day,


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the tracing is alright. but honestly, if I can be frank you should practise sketching instead of tracing because it is stealing art.

most artist dont have anything against it when it is for personal use(as long as you dont claim it as orginal artwork). or like when people do the episode characters. but like if it was my original artwork you traced I would not be happy about it.


Actually tracing is a great way in starting off, she’s not drawing them and saying it’s hers, so it’s not stealing, she just needs some practice.


I’m starting with tracing and then I’m gonna do some original stuff. Thank you for your opinion.


Use a stabilizer to make the lines look neater!


Ooh, thank you.


I love it! If tracing helps you get started and understand how to do it, go for it! And you credited the outline and said it wasn’t originally yours, so that’s good. Eventually you will want to move away for that, but for now it’s a good way to learn. I agree that the stabilizer is very important. I recorded trying it out. Your lines could also be neater if you use quick and fast strokes. That way you won’t wobble. I also recommend using different line weights to your advantage. You could use thinner lines in places such as the nose or lips and thicker around the main outline of the body. This brings interest to your outline. You could also turn alpha lock on and color your lines with a slightly darker color than what will be underneath, but that’s just optional. I don’t do outlines very much so I’m just trying to say everything I’ve heard and can think of. You’re off to a great start! You have a lot of potential and I think you should definitely keep going. Keep practicing and I know you’ll improve a lot!


Omg, thank you! I feel great after what you said. I’ll try using the stabilizer in my other drawings.


Aw no problem! Glad to help! I think that’s a good idea. I’d love to see what you come up with in the future! :heart:


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Hey there! if you’d like feedback on your art feel free to take a look at this thread:


Ooh, thanks!

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