Rate my art please!

Hey everyone! So, last week Thursday, I got a new phone and decided to try digital drawing, but I don’t have a stylus yet so I used my finger. My first ever drawing is my profile picture :sweat_smile: and then I recently drew this one which took me around eight hours.


1: It’s really not good and needs a lot of improvement.
2: Not bad, but has room for more improvement.
3: So-so, needs some improvement.
4: Really good, needs some improvement here and there.
5: Perfect! Doesn’t need anything else.

What rating would you give this?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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If you can also give constructive critisism and feedback, I will gladly accept it! Thank you!

  • If you’re going for the realistic look, try adding some shading to the edges of the face to make the face look a little more 3d and less flat (:

  • U have the layered look correct for the neck & ears looking further back than the head so well done with that (:

  • Again, if you’re off for the realistic look…try making the eyes a smaller since the bigger the eyes are, the more cartoonish/non - realistic they look (:

Hope this helps u (:

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This is actually my art style; sort of cartoonish/anime :blush: but thanks for the tips!


You’re welcome (:

It looks great if you’re going for the cartoonish look (:

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Maybe add more texture to the hair? The hair looks more like a hat to me :sweat_smile:. I’m assuming the character is a Black Person with a fade cut… so these videos may be of help to you:

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Your anatomy definitely isn’t bad! Practice on drawing stable lines and keep your hand stable while drawing, shading too <33

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@dishsoap, @Frey, thank you guys so much!


It’s better than mine cause I can’t even draw​:+1:t5::sob:

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Thank you! :sob: